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Case Study

Woollam Makes Procore Mission-Critical to its 100-Year Vision

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In safety incidents


Workload Improvement

With streamlined dashboard reporting



Of the Procore environment

The Challenge

Woollam was an early adopter of Procore in Australia in 2017. Implementing Procore Project Management, Quality & Safety, Project Financials, andAnalytics helped the company move from 'old-school' manual handling of information to centralised data on a more efficient cloud-based digital solution. Fast forward to a 2019 review of the firm’s digital footprint and Woollam reset benchmarks for efficiency, seamless integration, compatibility, and its future value proposition. Woollam highlighted its goal to be a construction industry leader and saw how it could further leverage its existing technology to extend its competitive advantage.

The Solution

Woollam prioritised greater utilisation of Procore, further streamlining its digital assets and enhancing collaboration. A Digital Lead role was created and appointed to Emile Cloete, who oversees the digital changes needed. They also fast-tracked integration into SignOnSite,Microsoft Teams, OpenSpace andRevizto to support their remote site management, meetings and collaboration during 2020.

"We had identified how powerful, seamless project management with Procore, and app integrations was for the organisation. Having data automatically feed into a central platform and then natively report on it would support moving the business forward," said Cloete.

Woollam wanted to better utilise digital systems to deliver better performance outcomes now and into the future. Procore helps us streamline our core business (construction), identify and focus on the key drivers that deliver greater accessibility, efficiency and profitability outcomes.

Emile Cloete

Emile Cloete

Digital Lead, Construction

Mackay Airport

Overcoming the Gaps

To better understand its digital risk management profile Woollam’s digital risk review investigated how adopting new technologies would lower digital risk for the future. When reviewing how they had implemented and trained their team with an ‘out of the box’ Procore system, they identified gaps in role-specific training for the Procore platform and how this had impacted utilisation levels. A role-specific training program kicked off and generated organic growth in knowledge and competency outcomes company-wide. By monitoring utilisation levels, Woollam produced measurable data that could be audited.

"Our goal is to really revolutionise safety culture. With greater utilisation of Procore, we now have much greater visibility around the reporting of safety behaviours and hazards. When we combine this with real-time dashboards and individual KPIs, we are constantly improving outcomes."

Woollam plans to rollout dashboards to benchmark individual, project and group level role and construction outcomes to help people understand how they are performing against their peers, sector, and region. With the Safety KPIs complete, they are now working on a set of KPIs for the Quality team. Reducing risks across the business helps the company set benchmarks to support its diversification into non-traditional construction sectors such as medical, education, government, and infrastructure.


Collaborative Workflow Mitigates Risk

Realising better collaboration both internally and externally is a critical business driver, Woollam established an integrated life cycle pilot with Procore partners and leading staff. They wanted to leverage Procore technology and integrate the different elements––particularly BIM––to virtually step a project through each stage from safety and quality design to post-construction.

"We wanted to create a new benchmark for hands-on collaboration and understand how to complete our quality control earlier and more efficiently, and build faster and more economically. This pilot would identify any skills gaps we had and fine-tune how we can extract and manage information to make better business decisions."

The strength of the Procore platform and its growing partnerships to deliver seamless project management is paving the way for a successful future for Woollam.

"The Procore platform helps us perform and progress our business. The positive engagement we have with Procore as a company allows us to analyse innovation and trial solutions that will add further value. It is underpinning how we build into the future."

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