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Case Study

Mono Constructions clarifies business intel to improve outcomes.

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Return on Investment

On Procore change management program



Of time in onboarding new staff


Increased Visibility

On detailed operational performance

The Challenge

Before Procore, Mono Constructions relied on a mix of paper-based records, spreadsheets and a previously implemented project management solution to support its construction projects. While the project management system promised integration and visibility between its projects and financials, the software was hard to navigate, and integration proved impossible. Realising they had ‘suffered enough’ and could not support future company growth with this solution, Mono Constructions Information Systems & Change Manager Michelle Stack led the charge to better enable business and technology.

The Solution

Mono Constructions selected Procore Project ManagementProject Financials and Quality & Safety to integrate with SignOnSiteXero and Office365.

Completing a construction software change management program with Procore has delivered the most pain-free implementation of my 25-year career. Procore gives us 100% visibility into detailed operational performance, which supports our growth plans. The bonus is our ROI is 12 times what we projected.

Michelle Stack Headshot

Michelle Stack

Information Systems & Change Manager

The Story

Mono Constructions applied an agile approach to its overall change management program and implementation of Procore. This saw it prioritise a list of onboarding processes for the Procore platform and they rolled these out in consumable and incremental change management steps – averaging one step per week.

Mono Constructions phased in Procore during the final stages of two projects to better manage defects and then rolled it out on a new project. When first used for defects, Mono Constructions also invited the client's project manager onto Procore to register his own defects. This resulted in one consolidated and accurate list, interlinking all parties and clearly showing when defects were closed out.

"I had a first-hand experience of how laborious manual defect-tracking was in my role as Change Manager. With Procore, we have removed double handling and high levels of liaison to improve our defect closeout rate by at least 50%. Defects are allocated immediately to the right person, and in the end, the quality is better too," said Michelle.

Today, Procore is implemented across all projects. The company plans to continue to roll out newly released offerings, including the Correspondence management tool.

Interior of a residential space

Prioritising the change process

Procore was rolled out to ensure the data collected from site processes would flow through to other systems, such as the paper-intensive site diaries and delivery dockets. This approach gave users the confidence the platform was connected and would support their onboarding discovery process. The change management program then rolled out safety and environmental inspections in Procore, with project management site checklists live next.

"Moving checklists across to Procore made a lot of sense as it was very straightforward. It also encouraged everyone to learn the tools for one Procore feature and apply it to the next item being rolled out," explained Michelle. 

Mono Constructions continued to write the processes around the platform, while migrating their financial systems into Procore. The team has expanded its original change program and is now reviewing the tendering and estimating process.

"With Procore, our change management journey never ends. We use meetings functionality to record lessons learned regularly, capturing data and experiences as they occur. One report can capture all of that information across all projects. We can always find more processes to improve," she said.

rooftop of a residential building

Meeting modern compliance requirements

Mono Constructions change management program also includes subcontractors. Contract administrators now create a Procore login for individual subcontractors during sign up. This provides access to drawings, specifications and defects observations from the app on their phone while also introducing them to SignOnSite. Next step change is the rollout of Procore Document Management tool. 

The investment in Procore and integrating it throughout their team of 25, and beyond to subcontractors, has paid off for Mono Constructions.

"The requirement to be compliant and document how you are compliant is a hallmark of modern building. With Procore, we can more easily maintain our ISO, quality management, safety and environment certifications, while we stay focused on growth," Michelle concluded.

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