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Case Study

Creative Vision transforms compliance and financial risk forecasting with Procore

Construction site with excavators and other construction equipment


Staff Efficiency Increase

Compared to other solutions


Cost Risk Reduction

With Procore Project Financials



On defects resolution

Transforming compliance and financial risk forecasting with Procore.

The Challenge

Creative Vision wants to deliver project management services with trust and premium outcomes for their client base. However, in an industry facing multiple trust, solvency and quality issues, they need to differentiate themselves with the right accreditation and technology. Implementing the right technology would help teams remain accountable by delivering transparent data throughout the lifecycle of a project. This would improve client trust and reduce potential risks.

The Solution

Creative Vision chose Procore because of its ‘next-level capability’ compared to other competitors. Teams use the platform for preconstruction, project management, workforce management, financials and data insights. In addition to trusting Procore for everyday project management with digitised ITPs, a central location for RFIs and submittals and quality control monitoring, Procore’s Project Financials delivers powerful results.

Onboarding project costs and forecasts for each project, managing budgets and matching payments to milestones have created a real-time risk mitigation tool for Creative Vision. Procore is helping better manage business risk across multiple projects, generating greater awareness for clients and helping to forecast the known together with the unforeseen.

Capturing financial data is helping identify where unexpected financial requirements are occurring – and, importantly, why and who is responsible. Procore Project Financials can identify and reduce risk early and then help monitor ongoing project risk, contributing to up to 30% in cost risk reductions.

“The optimised use of Procore as a business tool is clear for everyone – from consultants, contractors to builders and developers. We explain that using a basic document management storage solution won’t give you the output Procore will deliver. Procore equates to ten times the individual user– it’s in an omnipresent state, constantly delivering on everything from instruction to execution. It works at night, sending reminders to all parties to keep the project alive. You literally can't compare it to anything else,” outlined David.

We can take a very personal approach to each project because of Procore. Clients see right through standard spreadsheets and reports. With Procore, we can condense and streamline our communications to deliver real-time data at any project stage, even providing pre-construction estimates during the design phase. With Procore tools and data, we have the insights and captured experience to do that.

David Kamel


Setting New Trust Benchmarks

Procore also adds new levels of predictability and trust to Creative Vision’s projects. By establishing an Integrated Management System in Procore, they have built a highly valuable and fully transparent reference area for management functions and procedures. The Creative Vision team has customised the Action Plans and Forms tool to easily create templates directly into Procore. Without storing data in additional document software, it has centralised and controlled how it stores contracts, registers, standards, guidelines, regulations, and compliance, amongst other policies and procedures. The Procore platform has become a ‘go-to’ resource for consultants or contractors who can access data and pre-loaded templates for greater visibility of how the business functions. The result is that everyone in the project speaks the same language and utilises and trusts the same system.

Additionally, having a highly transparent and well-established workflow has helped Creative Vision achieve two key certifications for transparent project management processes. The first is the independent construction industry ratings tool (iCIRT) with its three-gold star accreditation. The second is its  Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

“Procore proved invaluable during our audit process for our iCIRT accreditation. With a review of our management system, we delivered 80% of what our auditors need to see through Procore. The process  was centralised, transparent and auditable.”

A man pointing at a screen

How Data Helps Build Long-term Pipelines

Procore has helped Creative Vision build stronger customer relationships. With constant financial insights and management across every project, Creative Vision has created core benchmark metrics that are applied to each new project. When clients know data, risk profiles and financial management capabilities are implemented from day one, constant improvement and revenue growth follow.

“Customer success is our north star. The centralised approach with Procore means you have control over every project phase at your fingertips. With one click, we can issue a register highlighting every single discipline, document and revision at any point in time without hesitation. This means our clients can understand their risk profile based on their choice of metric. This might be a  per square metre or residential unit measurement. It's all data-driven now," he said.

Clients have more confidence in Creative Vision and their ability to deliver on projects using Procore. Procore helps Creative Vision demonstrate its skill sets and measure the industry's trust in its highly credentialed operations.

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