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Action Plans

All of your ITPs in one, controlled location.

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Define the structure, set requirements, and execute on your plan - as intended.

Action Plans creates the environment where delivering on high quality and safety plans, like those built to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards, are effective and streamlined. Have confidence that all stakeholders have access to necessary documentation, reference materials and records needed to achieve optimal outcomes, and ensure standards are met with verification methods that create accountability along the way.

  • Build your plans and ITPs off of templates that can be optimized and passed down from project to project
  • Gather signatures and records to ensure standards and necessary stakeholder involvement 
  • Track progress of records needed to consider plan steps complete
  • Access and export your plan to show the full picture of intent and outcomes quickly

Work Collaboratively 

Seamlessly execute simple and complex construction project action plans with intuitive step-by-step workflows. Access actionable supporting documentation and clarify expectations with checklists and forms from any mobile device.

Improve Your Program 

Iteratively optimise your plans with quick edit features that allow you to capture the information you need to prove the quality of your company’s work and set yourself apart from the competition.

Verify Standards and Expectations 

Add verification hold points throughout your plan to ensure work has been completed to your standards and expectations are clearly set. 

See the Whole Picture 

Deliver a complete picture of plan outcomes with supporting documentation. Inspection and Test Plan turn over has never been easier.

“As successful organisations we need to be rigid in meeting our management responsibilities but we also need to be agile in adapting our approach to be able to deliver on a wide variety of different types of jobs. This is why we feel that Procore’s Action Plans will finally give us the opportunity to perform to our full capabilities.”

Terry Crawford

Construction Director

Forcia Limited

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