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Define the structure, set the criteria, and execute on your plan – as intended.

Action Plans enables cross-team collaboration on high quality plans, such as Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), to support the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards. All stakeholders involved have access to the necessary documentation, reference materials and records needed to achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Build your plans and ITPs with templates that can be optimised and copied at the company level or from project to project.
  • Gather signatures and records to ensure standards and necessary stakeholder involvement.
  • Track the progress of critical hold points and records needed to consider plan steps complete.
  • Access and export your plan to show the full picture of intent and outcomes.
  • Maintain accountability every step of the way with verification methods.

Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

Third parties, clients and other stakeholders may access the relevant job records on mobile and update the data in real-time via their mobile.

A Single View

Reduce the huge volumes of documents on each job by linking between ITPs and Drawings, Inspection records and Specifications.

Controlled Processes

Facilitate integration between trades to verify process requirements to ensure everyone can work autonomously. Verification hold points help sequence your plan ensuring each job is completed to the agreed quality standards and reduce risk.

Flexibility on Each Project

Granular permissions allow control for each stakeholder and project team member to achieve quality process outcomes.

Targeted Accountability

Crucial communications can easily be missed and become outdated on live projects. Drive accountability from everyone with individual assignees and ensure teams receive the targeted communications via timely notifications.

Raise Confidence

Prove to your client, your consumer and the regulators that the project followed the highest quality standards and each stage was approved by the relevant party.

“Collaboration, networking and continuous improvement is what constantly drives Quality Assurance outcomes. Action Plans will see this realised with the added benefit of having time-saving implications and will most likely result in increased productivity amongst follow up trades and the agreed sequence of works.”

Beau Parker

QA Coordinator

Probuild Constructions

“The biggest benefit for us is that the ITP acts as a coversheet when using Action Plans – it includes signatures, supporting documentation, inspections, photos, test results and much more. Once you’ve attached everything you need, you can link to the ITP and export it which makes the handover process seamless, as I can rely on the information and include any supporting documentation required. As a contractor, it’s reassuring to know that you can see all the information in one spot, export it and it’s ready to go! It’s an incredibly efficient system which has saved us lots of time and energy.”

Martin Davis


“The export function for ITPs in Action Plans is where we’ll see greater efficiencies and rewards to our business. That six to eight months of headaches because everyone is pulling out their hair at the end of a job is all gone. Generally, every job leads to about 8,000 documents for handover to our client. With a single Action Plan document getting automatically saved together with all the other linked forms attached to it will save us a significant amount of time and dollars on that particular job where we previously had several roles collating documents around the clock.”

Jack Cowling


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