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Optimize your checklists, track performance, complete your due diligence and quickly identify and record hazards or deficiencies for improved quality and safety on jobsites.

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Stay ahead of issues and leave risk behind.

Ensure that work in progress aligns with plans, specifications, and your organization's quality and safety standards.

Screen capture of Procore's inspections

Standardize the inspection process.

Build, manage, and improve your process by building out a company-wide library for ultimate standardization and efficiency. Templates can even be further customized at the project level.

Record the granular details for overall improvement.

Identify an issue during an inspection? Promptly create an observation for timely resolution and progress tracking. Real-time capture of details allows monitoring of frequency, root causes, and risk factors.

Don't let work slip through the cracks.

Reduce administrative burden and ensure inspections get created and completed by scheduling them ahead of time, assigning due dates and configuring notifications.

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Customer Story

We’re templating the process [through Procore inspections] to make it more efficient, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Vincent Deresse

Project Design Manager


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