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Contact Directory & Permissions

Everyone’s digits, under the control of yours.

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Give yourself permission to stay in contact.

Procore's Directory Tool stores all contact data for project team members and vendors, and enables permissions to be set for each tool in Procore, controlling who has access to what data.

  • Store an unlimited number of contacts

  • Share contact information with your team

  • Access contacts from mobile devices

  • Create and assign role-based permissions

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Store and Share Unlimited Contacts

Procore construction project management software stores an unlimited number of contacts in its database that are instantly available to anyone on your team. Once entered, those contacts can be assigned to any project in your organization's project portfolio. Contacts can also be exported in a standard CSV format.

Tool-Based Permissions

Procore offers the ability to set user permissions at the individual tool level as well as both Company and the Project level. Users will only see what you want them to—if an architect should have access to the RFI Tool on a project, but not the Submittals Tool, those settings can easily be made within Procore. All of this permission functionality is standard with Procore, and all of the settings and user administrations are infinitely configurable and customizable, for every user at each company and on each project.

Customise Notifications

Users can be set to always receive email notifications regarding RFIs, Punch List items, and Submittals, or they can elect to receive those notifications on a "one-off" basis. In a similar fashion, users can be designated to always be copied on emails containing a project's weekly schedule, schedule changes, weather delays, and other communications related to project progress. In addition, getting data into Procore's Directory Tool is simple. Easily view directory data by individual, company, or distribution group.

Role-Based Permissions

Procore allows for the easy creation of custom role-based permission templates, so that new users can be set up with your organisation's standard permissions in seconds. Roles such as subcontractors, architects, and engineers can all be custom-defined and then applied to project team members' permissions as new people join your project team during the course of a construction project.

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