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On schedule. On budget.

Project Management connects your teams and project information so you can make better decisions, faster.

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“The RFI Tool has not only improved communication with the main office but also the communication with the architects and engineers because it's all very visible. They can see what they need to do, unlike before where it was just another email that went into the trash. On one of our new projects, we had a client—a high net worth individual—actually request to be signed up to Procore just so he could use the RFI tool, which he absolutely loves!”

Joshua Schumann

Kenham Building Limited

“Everything was either hand written or had to be photographed, brought into the office, put on a laptop and emailed out individually - Procore has helped iron that out so everyone is working to the same procedure and using the same process”

Phil Dyer


“Now I have more time to spend on site, compared to before when I had to spend so much time behind my desk. I was missing out on the action”

Maria Russo


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Close the communication loop.

Mobile collaboration tools are built for the field, making it easy for everyone to have a clear understanding of what needs to get done every day to stay on schedule and prevent rework. 

  • Efficiently capture and manage all project correspondance
  • Access for everyone involved so no one is left out of the loop

Keep information accurate.

Trust that all stakeholders have access to the latest information in a centralised location, and in a format that everyone can understand.

  • Information is updated instantly so nothing is missed
  • Information logs give the whole story of the project

Stay ahead of your projects.

Quickly identify potential issues and their impact to schedule and budgets. Avoid unwanted surprises with better project visibility.

  • Project overview gives a complete picture of any outstanding items 
  • Track all steps and speed up the approval process
UI screenshot of Requests for Information showing who is responsible and if the requests are overdue

Statistically better

See how Project Management helps our clients improve their processes across the board.


Make more

Over 50% of our clients see an increase in profit margin by managing more projects without increasing headcount.


Get time back

68% of project managers save 5+ hours each week.


Complete projects faster

75% of project managers reduce project duration by at least 3 days.

* Based on a 2018 survey of over 300 Procore customers.

Project Management Tools

Access to the right tools to manage your projects, available on any device.

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Project Management Starter
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One platform for everything.

Procore connects all your people, software, and data on one platform—so everyone on your project has access to everything they need. The platform gives you the freedom to connect with hundreds of integrations in the Procore Marketplace. So even if we don't build it, you can connect it.

  • Seamlessly interact with Performance Management and Construction Financials
  • Create a Variation from an Observation or RFI
  • Access tons of information through links on Drawings
  • Drawings link to RFIs, Submittals, Inspections, Snag List, Observations, Documents, and Photos


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