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See how building tools for the field made us the leading project management and mobile daily reporting solution in construction.

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See all the ways Procore can help you keep what you earn with real-time, accurate information that makes it easier to streamline processes and optimise resources.

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Only when your site and office teams are collaborating together within one system can they truly build efficiently and succeed. That’s what we built and it makes all the difference.

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Easy to Use

Any software is only as good as the information in it, so Procore is designed from the ground up to be easy to use. When the unexpected comes up, you can count on unlimited support for unlimited users.

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As soon as you step onto the construction site, access up-to-date drawings and documents. That way, you can get the job done right the first time and make informed decisions to keep your projects on track.

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No more back of the envelope notes, printing and postage fees, and unapproved variations. Wherever you go—basements, Wi-Fi free zones—your documents are in the palm of your hand and instantly shareable.


Connect Site and Office

Keep your site teams focused on building and your office teams equipped with the tools they need to stay efficient, informed, and able to assist site team productivity.

  • Simplify daily reporting
  • Collaborate and coordinate in real time
  • Reduce rework with accurate information
  • Eliminate hearsay with a digital paper trail
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Optimise Labour Productivity

Labour is your riskiest line item. It's also the most unpredictable. Avoid overruns with real-time insights into labour's impact on your budget.

  • Get real-time insight into productivity
  • Stay on target for budget and schedule
  • Maximise resources and improve outcomes
  • Proactively manage risk to cost overruns
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Gain Financial Visibility

Improve cash flow with a mobile variation management and real-time cost management solution. Centralise information and provide visibility for both the site and accounting teams.

  • Instantly view site impacts and extra work
  • Accelerate variation management
  • Course correct with real-time insights
  • Build better estimates with historical data
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Actively Reduce Rework

Enable teams to do their best work the first time, every time with immediate access to the most up-to-date information and direct lines of communication to all project stakeholders.

  • Leverage accurate, up-to-date information
  • Gain instant insight into changes from the site
  • Collaborate from site to office in real time
  • Continuously improve project quality
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“Procore cuts out half of the administrative work. Procore saves me roughly a day and a half of paperwork each week.”

Dale Larkin

Stewart Construction

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Connect the entire business process from tendering to close out with every member of your team working together in the same system.

What’s the ROI of Procore for subcontractors?

We asked customers for their feedback on real business results they’ve seen since partnering with us. Here’s a preview of what they had to say.


More Work Capacity

Subcontractors surveyed say they can manage 44% more construction volume than with previous means.

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Be More Efficient

Subcontractors surveyed say Procore saves each member of their team more than two hours per day.


Days Saved

Subcontractors surveyed reported saving 13 days on the overall schedule by using Procore.

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Give your team—from site to office and across stakeholders—access to everything and everyone they need to work efficiently, communicate better and build faster.

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