Project cost management built to connect office and site teams.

Gain real-time insight into the financial health of your projects, all in one place.

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“Procore uplifted our productivity 30 per cent across the entire organisation and gives us 100% financial visibility.”

Lisa Mort

Lisa Mort

Chief Operating Officer


“Procore streamlined five systems into one central platform—providing new levels of automation and 100% visibility into projects.”

Sebastian Jonsson headshot

Sebastian Jonsson


Green Way

“We really do feel like we’ve been in a partnership with Procore’s financial services teams. We’re excited to be one of the first to fully integrate with all of the tools that Procore has available.”

Morgan Traynor

Morgan Traynor

Industry Consultant

Ryan Companies

“We can see exactly where the real-time spend is.”

Albert Nover headshot

Albert Nover

Facilities Finance & Contract Manager

Boston Children's Hospital

“Truing-up jobs costs and budgets takes 30 seconds.”

Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez

Financial Controller

Dolan Concrete

“Generating a bill in Procore, rather than in email and excel, automated a 2 week process to just 10 minutes.”

Erik Feld

Erik Feld

TruEdge Builds

Collaboratively mitigate risk with all financial stakeholders.

Your project success is dependent on how well owners, head contractors, and subcontractors work together. So we built a platform that connects cost management workflows from site to office.


See your portfolio's financial health in real time.

Standardise the collection and reporting of financial data gathered in the field—giving you real-time visibility into business insights across your entire portfolio.

  • Collaborate across stakeholders from site to office in one platform
  • Standardise data collection for more accurate financial reporting
  • Eliminate time spent consolidating data silos
  • Drive long-term improvement and value creation with project data across your portfolio
  • Innovate as you grow with data-backed decision making
Financial Management Product Screens

Deliver projects on budget with full visibility.

Dynamically track every dollar in your budget and forecast critical costs with real-time data from the field.

  • Streamline change management from start to finish.
  • Stay in sync with your accounting system.
  • Reduce project and payment delays with collaborative workflows and centralized communication.
  • Easily uncover cost details and create comprehensive financial reports.
Financial Management Product Screens

Keep cash flowing and get paid fast.

Connect financial data gathered in the field to your back office's accounting system to help ensure payment for all work performed.

  • Empower field teams to capture change in real time with mobile tools
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of paper-based time sheets, T&M tickets, and invoicing
  • Digitally document all work performed and billed to ensure quick payment
Financial Management Product Screens

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See how Procore's collaborative approach to cost management helps you unlock the power of real-time financial insights.

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Unlock the ROI of connected financials.

Procore is an investment that will protect your profit margins. Here's how we know you'll get the most out of it.


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of surveyed users improve project and accounting transparency

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