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Over ten thousand construction businesses use Procore’s all-in-one platform to connect project teams, drive quality and safety, and achieve real-time visibility over their projects.

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Getting the who, what and when on one app. Not seven.

Procore’s platform brings everything required to manage a project into one place—without gaps or clunky workarounds. Procore powers productivity and real-time visibility of project performance for owners, main contractors, and subcontractors. 

What does a real construction platform do?
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From point solution to platform — smarter construction at Henry Boot

By moving from a point solution to Procore’s platform, Henry Boot was able to capture data more efficiently and accurately, and ensure that all stakeholders were working from a single source of truth across the whole lifecycle of the project.

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Empower your people with real-time, accurate insights on a unified platform.

Real visibility into performance for owners and contractors comes when you build from one reliable platform.  Make sure your tools are ready when you are.

Platform Overview

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Real-time Updates

Eliminate project lag. With real-time updates from the site, your project status is always at your fingertips.  

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Easy-to-use Tools

Mobile tools that your site teams actually like using means you’re always getting the full picture from the site.

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One Platform

Everything connected on one platform. Access the full context of your project at all times, every time.

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“Procore gives us all the information in one platform which reduces my time behind the desk and gives me more time on site.”

Maria Russo headshot

Maria Russo

Customer Experience Manager

BW: Workplace Experts

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“Before Procore, information had to be entered in four different systems. Now, those processes are one. It’s saving a lot of time”

Zara Laverick headshot

Zarra Laverick

Office & Project Coordinator

Brymor Construction

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“This feels like a partnership. It feels like Procore is beside us—which we are really, really thankful for.”

Darran Hennessy headshot

Darran Hennessy

Senior Contracts Manager


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“Procore is more than a service - they offer a partnership. They want to be an extension of your company.”

Josh Schumann headshot

Joshua Schumann

Business & Company Development

Kenham Building Ltd.

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“We’ve doubled the number of projects that we can handle with the same number of people.”

Julien Fersing headshot

Julien Fersing

Co-Founder and CEO


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“People get Procore and see that it works. It’s easy to use and definitely helps us win and secure business.”

Rupert Shaw headshot

Rupert Shaw


ThirdWay Contracts

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Sapio research, commissioned by Procore, found that visibility into project performance through easy-to-use tools, complete data and real time insights leads to 43% seeing an increase in efficiency and productivity

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See how BW: Workplace Experts builds smarter with one integrated platform.

For BW: Workplace Experts, it was about going beyond the basics. Procore gives BW: Workplace Experts a 360-degree view of each project, including how many days a particular trade or specific team takes to resolve snags. Procore also provides over 100 built-in reports.

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Our users reported 90% + customer satisfaction. See the impact Procore can have on your business.

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