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Case Study

Henry Boot Construction Rises on Digital Project Visibility

Three construction workers looking over a construction site

The Challenge

Henry Boot Construction has continued to expand in recent years, taking on new projects in the public, urban development, residential, and industrial and logistics sectors. To help achieve its goals, Henry Boot wanted to move beyond using point solutions to make data-informed decisions, better track schedule performance, and improve contractor experience.

The Solution

By moving from a point solution to a platform, Henry Boot Construction was able to capture data more efficiently and accurately and ensure that all stakeholders were working from a single source of truth across the whole lifecycle of the project. Once the data is in the platform, Procore keeps Henry Boot updated with real-time company reports that can be built with ease. These can cover everything from the number of open RFIs on a project, or number of near misses reported. Procore’s platform solution also provides a foundation that scales as Henry Boot continues to grow, with the flexibility to customise parts of the platform to meet their needs.

We wanted a solution that was able to bring people and projects together to achieve full visibility. With Procore we’re able to look into all aspects of the project to see what is performing well and where we need to make adjustments.

Chris Connor

SHEQ Advisor

Man working on his computer

The Story

As Henry Boot Construction expanded to larger and geographically diverse projects beyond its heartland in Yorkshire, Humberside and the East Midlands, maintaining information across projects and sites became more of a challenge. Procore provided a central repository for critical documents, and minimised the amount of time it took to capture, distribute and share documents between the Henry Boot teams. Chris Connor, SHEQ Advisor at Henry Boot Construction, describes life before the Procore platform: "Previously, document management was time-consuming for us given everything had to be scanned into our original system. There was a lot of duplication and people were still working with five or six paper-based files on every site which meant processing requests, logging new information as well as accessing it was not only slow, but a real challenge." Procore’s platform connects all of Henry Boot’s documents and drawings in one location that is easily accessible by all collaborators. After researching various solutions, Henry Boot liked that Procore’s comprehensive suite of tools offered a one-stop-shop, complete with project management, quality, and safety tools. Because Procore’s platform offers virtually unlimited storage space and a variety of markup and revision features, Henry Boot was able to ensure that staff always had access to the most current document versions available.

Men working on a tablet

Building for Visibility of Performance

With Procore, Henry Boot Construction has increased visibility of performance for each project. "With Procore, we have access to all data collected for each project, giving us full visibility of on-site performance, as well as the ability to complete accurate audits and reports," says Connor. Procore has dramatically improved reporting for Henry Boot. Procore’s Company Level reports feature provides Henry Boot with a variety of ready-to-go reports on the company’s datasets. This includes everything from high-level overviews to the number of open RFIs across projects, and these reports can be built and accessed quickly. Admin users are also able to build detailed custom reports easily, as well as drill down in more precise detail using the project rollup reporting feature. "Prior to Procore, contract managers were having to spend a long time travelling between sites, something that’s much more difficult with today’s environment and COVID-19," said Connor. "Now with reports being logged in Procore and by people on site, contract managers get instant access to information on performance."

Two men on Henry Boot offices looking at a blueprint

Driving Quality and ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Compliance

Henry Boot Construction is certified to ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards, a key differentiator in UK construction, and a testament to Henry Boot’s commitment to effective risk management practices. Thanks to using a construction management platform, their occupational health & safety, environmental and quality management systems are accredited to the international standards required for the certification. Procore’s integrated health, safety, environmental and management system is a key tool to help them in meeting the internationally recognised standards required for the certification. Procore’s Inspections tool, for instance, enables Henry Boot to create comprehensive checklists associated with the different types of inspection that occur during the lifecycle of a construction project. With Procore, Henry Boot can create unique templates for each inspection, or choose to modify, add to or edit company templates as the project requires. The Observations tool enables project managers to assign tasks to other project team members. These observations can include scopes of work including quality, safety, commissioning, and work to complete This, Connor says, has made all the difference. "Because we are logging all project information, such as Observations and Inspections in one place, we are then able to access accurate project performance information on demand from any location using a mobile device or laptop. This is helping us close projects out on time, manage a much larger volume of information, and ultimately meet our commitments to our customers."

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