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Case Study

BW: Workplace Experts abolish siloed analytics with Procore.

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The Challenge

Delivering quality work at every stage of a project is a vital component of BW: Workplace Experts’ organisational philosophy. To support their goal of delivering every project Defect Free at practical completion, BW: Workplace Experts needed another way to gather consolidated, actionable, detailed and trustworthy insights on each project.

BW: Workplace Experts had a number of tools collecting data, and a growing pool of business intelligence, but many of the insights they needed to improve their business were spread across different pieces of software. BW: Workplace Experts saw in Procore Analytics one route to help maximise the value of their existing workflow by collecting analytics through the course of construction.

The Solution

Procore Analytics has allowed BW: Workplace Experts to simultaneously streamline their processes and gather more accurate and valuable data on an individual and cross-portfolio level - ultimately saving time, improving productivity and enabling them to continue to deliver on their Defect Free promise.

Procore gives us all the information in one platform, which helps reduce my time behind the desk and spend more time on site.

Maria Russo, Customer Experience Manager, BW: Workplace Experts Headshot

Maria Russo

Customer Experience Manager

A Single Source of Truth for Project Data and Analysis

Even for such an experienced team, delivering every project Defect Free is a major challenge, particularly given the vast amount of variables across each project.

In the past, BW: Workplace Experts had used a range of tools and techniques to gather data which they could use to learn from each worksite. They had a separate mobile punch list tool, a collaboration tool for documentation management, an accounting system and more - all of which collected data in separate silos.

However, the fragmentation of these tools and an inconsistent approach to building information across its operations teams meant that it was difficult to ensure the data they did collect was always reliable. And, if they couldn’t trust the data to be flawless, the insights gathered from it were ultimately unusable.

In order to continue reaching their Defect Free goal while boosting performance, BW: Workplace Experts knew they needed clearer insights which could indicate the root cause of any project issue. Furthermore, they needed a solution which could support the wider work taking place to achieve Defect Free across the business - from a mindset-shift in the team’s culture to new training and workshops, continuously improving best practices and more. The technology had to support this essential work by providing one accurate, timely source of truth, which could be shared seamlessly across the business, minimising the risk of errors and rework, and preserving a clear project history for future teams to learn from.

Man checking analytics

Implementing Data Driven Decision-Making

The first step was to start using Procore’s construction management software consistently across every site. After a six-month roll-out, testing and learning period, they quickly had the ability to collate accurate, consistent data that they could draw powerful insights from. This new information meant they could pinpoint weaknesses, build on strengths and strategise with clarity when needed.

To give their teams even more vital information, BW: Workplace Experts specifically used Procore Analytics, one of Procore’s latest tools to turn project data into business insights. Using Procore Analytics, the business has been able to extract, analyse and visualise the data gathered from across the Procore platform, and compare it alongside other applications in its tech stack. Adding even greater value to the existing data, Procore Analytics offers over 100 built out reports and dashboards as well as advanced tools such as machine learning.

This has proved revolutionary in providing BW: Workplace Experts with the rich analysis that plays an important part in continuing to help the organisation reach their Defect Free goal.

Contractors inspecting a hallway

Impact: Repeating Successes and Learning from Challenges

Where previously BW: Workplace Experts would only record a straightforward set of open and closed issues, they now have a 360-degree view of an entire project. When a snag arises, BW: Workplace Experts can track the cause, steps taken, the average days spent solving the issue, contractors involved, and the eventual solution. If a similar issue arises again, this data can be used to streamline the resolution, driving greater productivity, quality and value for their customers.

Maria Russo, Customer Experience Manager at BW: Workplace Experts, explains: "Procore Analytics plays a key part in BW: Workplace Experts’ work in unearthing the root cause of project issues and snags. After six months of using Procore Analytics, we had a bank of data that we could put to work on understanding our business cycles, improving insight and delivering better business planning".

"For instance, we now have a 360 degree view that allows us to understand how many days a particular trade or a specific team takes to resolve snags, which trade had the most, and what is the most efficient way to go about it. Procore Analytics also continues to deliver value for our site teams, who now have an invaluable level of access to insights that were previously unavailable. This is helping them to save time, improve supply chain performance, create new best-practice standards and deliver on our vision of being Defect Free at practical completion."

Since adopting Procore Analytics, BW: Workplace Experts has rapidly seen a data-driven culture take hold across their business. The team was already familiar with Procore, and the inclusion of Procore Analytics has helped BW: Workplace Experts leverage a growing mountain of data.

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