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Stewart Construction Eliminates Paper-Based Processes and Reduces a Day and a Half of Paperwork Every Week

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Stewart Construction’s quality management system didn’t offer full functionality on site, so the team had to rely heavily on paper-based processes. The company wanted a solution that would consolidate project data into a single location and allow teams to easily access project information from anywhere.


Consolidating all project data into one system empowered teams to collaborate, and with Procore’s intuitive and user-friendly tools, teams both on and off site were using the solution on projects in a matter of weeks. The ability to access real-time information anytime, anywhere also helped teams streamline communication and make more confident, data-driven decisions.


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“Procore allows me to spend more time on site with the people that need it. The information is a lot more presentable. ”
Jerry Brennan, Project Engineer
Stewart Construction

The story

Prior to using Procore, Stewart Construction had a quality management system, but it lacked certain on-site capabilities. That meant they had to rely on manual paper-based processes. But without a central repository for project information, photos and documents were stored on individual computers, making it difficult for collaborators to easily share and access information. 

Due to the complexity and size of their projects, the team knew they needed a solution that would consolidate and streamline project information. With over 115 years of industry experience, they also wanted to ensure they were partnering with an established solution that would stand the test of time. 

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In their research, Procore stood out as being intuitive and easy to use. Project Manager Ian Howard notes that teams were up-and-running with projects in Procore within a matter of weeks. It also offered a suite of training videos, certifications, and resources as well as a UK-based Customer Success Team. Plus, with an average response time of 30 seconds or less, Procore’s customer support team was known for being one of the best in the industry. 

With Procore, teams could easily update information in real time on a mobile device. ‘Now I can just go out on site and log something as an observation. I can then send it directly to the person who I need action from, and they will get that immediately. I also have a record of it, and it's captured in Procore’, says Howard.

What’s more, it also provided better record-keeping of what was happening on site, so if the team needed to look at data from a particular day or incident, they could easily do so. 

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This meant less time spent on tedious administrative work and more time on meaningful tasks.

Howard adds that now with Procore, processes are standardised, making it easy to create alignment across teams. ‘Procore allows everyone to work from the latest revision of drawings and information so everybody is on the same page. Everybody's got the same drawings—the same notes, RFIs, and information. If everybody’s got the same accurate information, it makes things a lot more streamlined’.

Health and Safety Officer Dale Larkin adds, ‘With safety, there’s a lot of paperwork, but with Procore, it cuts out half of the administrative work. Procore saves me roughly a day and a half of paperwork each week’.

This, he says, has made all the difference. ‘My job is to make sure that everyone who comes in, goes home safely at the end of each day’. With Procore, Larkin is able to dedicate his time to making sure that happens. 

Stewart Construction is one of Ireland's longest established building contractors, having been in business for over 115 years, and is currently one of the country’s leading main contractors. As a fourth generation family-managed company, Stewart Construction prides itself on its reputation for quality projects and an innovative approach. The award-winning company is known for delivering technically-advanced projects in a cost effective and safe manner with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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