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Unbind your spec management

With potentially thousands of spec pages, managing revisions, organising, and distributing spec sections while maintaining the current set is a daunting task. Procore provides the only spec management tool designed specifically for General Contractors to spend less time managing specs, and more time getting work done.

  • Increase Field Productivity

    With Procore's native mobile apps, field teams can access specs and plans on a mobile device from anywhere, to make informed decisions and keep the project moving forward. Link your specifications directly to your RFIs and Submittals, compare in real-time, and use it as a reference point to categorise deficiencies.

  • Work Off Current Specs

    Procore maintains a digital "single source of truth" that team members can reference from any device. When someone updates a spec section, every stakeholder instantly receives the revised specs and a notification of what was changed.

  • Organise Without Hassle

    Replace hours or days of tedious manual labour, with automated, intelligent software. Procore organises the spec book into a flexible and easy-to-find format that caters to your distribution needs. Just upload your spec book and Procore divides and names spec sections automatically with advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

  • Find Specs Within Seconds

    Stop wasting time flipping through spec books or digging into digital folders. Simply type in the division, section, or a related key term you're looking for and Procore will instantly find your spec.

"Before Procore, I had never used a platform this efficient and in-depth."

Mathew Carnuccio
Prime Build