Project Story

Lakeridge Middle School

138,000 square feet. $68,600,000. 1,100 students

The Lakeridge Middle School was a new, multi-phased school construction project that included:

  • Demolition of the existing school and installing temporary classrooms, restrooms and a gymnasium
  • Construction of a new 138,000-SF middle school to accommodate 1,100 students, complete with new sitework, bus drop-off, parking and offsite improvements
  • A design and build to accommodate future green energy solar panel array
  • Passive ventilation system and integrated smart technology to signal teachers/students when to open and close windows to maximize natural heating/cooling elements
  • A courtyard designed to emulate the underwater vortexes created during the Great Missoula Flood, forming most of the Willamette Valley
  • 29 local trees harvested local and repurposed by Whole Trees as structural columns throughout the school
Lakeridge Junior High School's main entrance

Photos Courtesy of Josh Partee.

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