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Embrace. Engage. Empower.

We’re on a mission to connect construction and technology to the tools, resources, and community we need to build a more inclusive and diverse future. Join us now. 

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A Message from Procore’s Founder

Our Commitment to Drive Change

"Together, we can create more inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities. I am optimistic that, as a society, we are on the precipice of positive change. Procore is committed to doing our part to help drive that change by finding ways to purposefully support this work with our resources, voices, and actions. If you'd like to be a part of our efforts, join us."

Tooey Courtemanche, Procore CEO Read More

Change happens collectively. Let's get started.

Taking the first steps towards making your business more inclusive and diverse is easier with community. Get started by diving into:

  • Live, virtual events featuring social equality experts
  • On demand webinars that highlight the efforts of construction leaders
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Learn about efforts to move our communities forward.

There are teams everywhere in construction and technology that are addressing possible solutions and advocating for real change. Dive in to learn about:

  • What's being done to drive change in construction 
  • Actionable steps that can have lasting impacts
  • How to keep the conversation going with your team
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Procore's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We're at our best when we're our best selves. By encouraging Procorians to foster and share cultures of belonging through education, leadership programs, and networking we are all more empowered to reach our full potential.

“Being part of an ERG is being part of something bigger than yourself—it makes Procore more of a home. I want to be there for others who think they are alone. Every time a new vet joins, it's the most meaningful experience.”

Alvaro Yanes

Carpinteria Veterans ERG

“Having the designated space to connect with others that share similar personal experiences and interests within a professional setting is a gift.”

Lisa Leroy

New York PAC ERG

“We're in the business of coming up with the best ideas. If we truly want to innovate, every voice and idea must be heard. The Lean In ERG works to ensure we address the impact of gender inequality and advocate for all women.”

Jessie Withers

Global Lean In ERG

“As a woman of color and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I felt it was important to create a space where Procorians can be their authentic selves and discuss the value of intersectionality along with diversity.”

Kayla Diaz


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This is the time to turn momentum into actual progress. Join our Inclusion & Diversity Community group to be part of the discussion, learn from others' experiences, and share your story.

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