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Construction Site Inspection Software

Identify hazards before they injure more than your reputation.

Contractor looking out the window

Stay ahead of safety issues; leave risk behind.

Manage, baseline, and improve your construction quality performance processes from your desktop and mobile devices.

The Inspections Tool makes collaborating with team members and key stakeholders seamless and efficient by enabling you to:

  • Build out, manage, and maintain your company wide Inspection library

  • Allow your project teams to pull from your company wide Inspection library and add to them or create project specific templates for their unique project needs

  • Spot a deficient item or safety violation while conducting an inspection? Immediately create an observation or trigger an auto-observation to ensure additional details are captured

  • Manage and review reports of your inspections on the go. Identify quality and safety trends across your project or portfolio, all from your desktop or mobile device

  • Link an inspection to a drawing and attach Photos and/or supporting documentation

  • Assign due dates for accountability

Manage Your Inspections Library

Building out your company approved Inspection library allows you to standardise inspections your project teams use on a daily basis. Standardisation allows you to baseline your current processes, identify problems, and improve on your overall program.

Quickly Review and Report Against Inspections and Observations

Inspections reporting gives you the ability to track frequency, outcomes, and detailed performance of an individual inspection (or group of inspections). This enables you to keep your finger on the pulse of your project while monitoring usage company wide.

Simplify Project Inspection Onboarding

Having a library for your project teams to pull from will enable them to get up and running more quickly and ensure that they are using up to date Inspections that adhere to ever-changing construction standards and regulations. And since each project is unique, standardised inspection templates can be customised at the project level to capture specific project requirements.

Identify Contractor Performance Track Records

Details from your inspections not only improve your quality and safety programs, they can boost the performance of your team. So instead of teams pointing fingers when things go awry, you can identify trends to increase the performance of everyone involved.

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