Upskilling your teams in Quality fundamentals

28 October, 2021 | 11:00 AM AEDT
Dr. Marcus Jefferies
Head of Discipline - Construction Management, University of Newcastle
Warwick Johnson
Regional Executive - Operations, Multiplex
David McCarthy
Director Infrastructure, Assets and Places, KPMG
Vanessa Carmody-Smith
Program Manager, Office of the Building Commissioner
Lauren Conceicao
NSW Deputy Executive Director, Property Council of Australia


What if we could achieve with Quality what we have done with safety and reduce the risk of failures? 

In this 60 minute live forum, our panel of experts will discuss how as an industry we can teach, and learn ways to improve Quality, and what effective strategies are available for upskilling our people and building greater customer trust in the construction industry.

Our speakers will share insights on topics including:

  • The role of Australian Standards and how to improve knowledge of their requirements.
  • The ‘training triad’ of universities, TAFE and industry.
  • The importance of cultivating ethics in construction and what that looks like on the ground.

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