How We Build Now 2022

ANZ Data Analytics Explained


From business confidence to digital maturity, New Zealand's construction industry is ahead of its Australian counterparts. But with headaches on the horizon for both regions, there are plenty of lessons to be learnt and success secrets to be shared.

At the launch of the How We Build Now 2022 benchmark report, YouGov's Head of Research Australia Julie Harris shared insights into the industry's regional complexities and challenges.

Watch to find out the perspectives of 1100+ construction leaders and:

  • How 2022's data compares to 2020, and the new benchmarks this will set for your business.
  • How technology will refocus the construction industry's priorities.
  • Insights into the strategies your competitors are deploying to boost productivity & profitability.
  • How quality and sustainability are emerging as industry priorities.


Julie Harris

Head of Research Australia, YouGov

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