Case Study

SwitchCo Creates an Integrated Construction Management Technology Hub



on decision-making, enhancing cost and quality control


Automation increase

for drawing management and formal sign offs



for clients and auditors

The Challenge

Established in 2012 as a Client-Side project management organisation, SwitchCo implemented specialist tools they knew would best organise and manage the resources needed for successful project completion. Realising the risks associated with electronic spreadsheets, SwitchCo wanted to improve the accuracy of drawings, efficiency levels, quality control, and budget management across their projects. An error in issuing drawings or miscalculating financials on any project could have a disastrously negative impact on the client’s bottom line and SwitchCo’s reputation.

The Solution

SwitchCo Founder and Director, James Harris, had used Aconex before but wanted a broad use platform that would solve the immediate challenge of drawing control. Today, they trust Procore for Project Management, Project Financials, Invoice Management, Quality & Safety and Field Productivity, integrating with DocuSign and Xero.

“Procore is the hub of our projects,” said Harris. “We run everything through Procore because it provides efficiency and transparency to our clients and better-quality control as well. Our excellent project management performance links to Procore.“

“Procore is a very strong contributor to the success of our client’s projects and the growth of SwitchCo. It’s vital we use the best business tools on every project to deliver best practice methodology and great outcomes for our clients.”
James Harris
Founder and Director
Construction worker checking a finished project

Delivering Effectiveness with Procore

Success in Client-Side Project Management is based on effectiveness––from the feasibility of a project to procurement. When done well, it contributes to the de-risking of a project. In line with this ethos, SwitchCo conducted due diligence on Procore, reviewing Procore’s online product library in detail to provide the certainty the tools would deliver.

SwitchCo realised it was time for Procore when they re-issued drawings manually via email with the same revision multiple times. It was time to implement an immediate and sustainable project management tool.

“Procore helps us manage access to information internally via different user permissions. We control the input and flow of information, so we know our quality control over our business data is never compromised,” Harris said.

Solar panel's field

Identifying Options with Automated tools and workflows

“The high level of detailed administration involved in Client-Side Project Management is vital in staying on time and on budget. The integration capabilities of Procore with DocuSign is critical. Being able to combine Procore and DocuSign puts in place an appropriate review and sign-off process. Nothing can go ahead without approval,” James continued.

This new automated workflow between Procore and DocuSign ensures commitments, variations and drawings are quality controlled. Additionally, tracking issues and staying on top of them in the Correspondence Tool, plus monitoring and auditing Health, Safety, Security & Environment issues in an integrated cloud-based platform, was ideal for the lean SwitchCo team.

“Procore’s Defects Tool is also terrific for identifying and closing out quality issues without the need to add any more time or headcount to our projects,” he continued.

For the SwitchCo team, implementing Procore was not complicated at all. It identified a core team of six staff who would train the rest of the company. Procore was supportive both online, and face-to-face as SwitchCo was one of Australia's earliest implementers of the platform.

“The regular training and feedback sessions with Procore have built a powerful business tool for us. That is why I am such a champion of Procore today. Procore has provided the best customer support of any organisation I have ever dealt with,” Harris said.

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