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Signal Energy Australia enhances data and quality assurance standards to gain valuable insights


RFIs Processed

which clarified & highlighted issues, reducing rework



across project management documentation


Automated Workflow

supporting rapid scale up on large projects

Procore automates quality and efficient document control for large scale solar farm construction

The Challenge

Signal initially relied on a sea of spreadsheets and RFIs, which created document confusion and meant valuable information took substantial time to locate and validate. To find the most recent version of a document, teams often reverted to trawling through emails, which wasted considerable time. Sourcing the latest, most accurate version of any document quickly was impossible. When a client mandated Procore on a new project, the Signal team quickly realised the power behind the platform. At the beginning of 2020, Signal implemented Project Management and Project Financials. Their goal is to ensure they build a central repository for all construction data–and a platform that can house any value-added apps they use in the future.

The Solution

With Procore, Signal now has a construction management solution that delivers a 360-degree view of project data and the workflow and processes to streamline and enhance productivity. No more hunting for documentation. Now, each team member can log on and quickly locate drawings, RFIs and a list of defects–and who is responsible for them. The big data power of Procore means we are more confident," said Tom. "With large-scale projects, clients are expecting us to manage documentation and quality sign-offs for every part of the build. We must have the photo evidence and show how something was installed and then signed off because the majority of what we build is underground, and rectifying defects can be costly," said Safety, Health, Environment, Quality & Systems Manager, Chris Stewart.

“It was difficult and time-consuming to manage document control with the cloud storage system we were using. Valuable time was lost trying to locate the right documents and double-check the most up-to-date drawings were being utilised. Procore keeps everything in one place and provides the rigour and quality benchmark we need for submittals, transmittals, drawings, RFIs and defects.”

Chris Stewart

Safety, Health, Environment, Quality & Systems Manager
Engineer on the solar panel farm

Benefits of an Actionable Template

Signal implemented and mandated Procore across a sizeable solar farm project. For Stewart, this meant more consistency across folder structures, templates and responsibilities. Procore standardises project management for Signal by linking workflows and processes in an actionable template.

"We know our responsibilities and what everyone should be doing. It’s easily transferable across teams, and we are benefiting from its value as we transfer it to every project we work on," says Stewart.

Signal uses Procore on every project, regardless of whether they are mandated to use another software solution. This guarantees central store of plans, RFIs, transmittals and drawings, and they link to safety and defect checklists.

"The benefit of using Procore was never more evident than on a recent project where a different system was being used. We used their system while also maintaining our Procore system. Halfway through the project, they requested to switch to Procore. They realised it was a much better specialist software to use," he says.

And when it comes to Quality Assurance standards, the actionable templates and processes found in Procore are helping Signal exceed client expectations.

"We rely on Procore very heavily to benchmark our Quality Assurance. Procore helps us identify potential issues, allocate appropriate actions and track their resolution by designated dates. This empowers us to clearly report our progress to clients and when we are ahead of schedule. It’s a better way to meet and exceed expectations," says Stewart.

Solar panel farm

The Rising Importance of Cost Management

Signal relies on Project Financials to help track their productivity and performance for every project. The team credits Procore’s user-friendliness for its effectiveness. The platform ensures their tenders are accurate and delivers the correct information to clients, tracking responses as they come back in and storing them in a central place.

"We also do a lot of financial management through Project Financials. We manage our head contracts, commitments and costing through Procore. It also talks to our main accounting system, and this is a huge benefit. Being able to forecast and track change history is crucial," he says.

For the future, Signal is confident the Procore platform environment will help them integrate with beneficial apps in its marketplace, allowing them to partner with solutions that deliver their vision for a single, fully integrated system.

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