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Case Study

Scaling SHAPE: accelerating delivery with Procore Action Plans

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SHAPE accelerates delivery with Procore Action Plans

The Challenge

Like many construction industry participants, SHAPE had developed an internal project management system, but it lacked the transparency and integrations needed for streamlined communication. To resolve this, SHAPE implemented Procore to flexibly scale and deliver information to everyone in the organisation at the same time. As the construction sector began to mature in its use of technology, SHAPE harnessed the Procore platform to continue to build better. SHAPE capitalised on its relationship with Procore, collaborating with the local Procore team to test and review new quality, safety and analytical solutions to help drive further efficiencies and future-proof its business.

The Solution

SHAPE implemented Procore Project Management, Quality & Safety, Analytics and Action Plans to their suite of solutions. They have also added SignOnSite as an app from the Procore App Marketplace. For SHAPE’s teams, Procore has become a critical asset, producing a raft of efficiencies, raising the company’s quality assurance profile, delivering strategic insights and helping to safeguard its reputation. With the introduction of Action Plans, Procore has enabled SHAPE to differentiate its skills and efficiently address new market segments such as façade remediation. In short, Procore is key to the future of the SHAPE business.

“Today we use Procore for tendering, building our project directory and running our meetings, correspondence and safety observations through a centralised platform. We’ve automated key items throughout a project lifecycle and lean on AI to check documents against each other so we can minimise the risk component of any project,” said project manager Bradley Watts.

Procore really are innovators in the integration of documentation and additional tools for construction management. SHAPE was looking for a holistic solution to scale and deliver information to everyone simultaneously. Today, we have a critical construction management platform that is an asset to our company and clients.

Jasmine Taylor

EHSQ Manager for Quality and Environment

A crane with Shape's logo in it

Collaborative Development Inspires Innovation

SHAPE’s confidence in Procore encouraged them to innovate its application of Action Plans across multiple sites for a nationwide panel replacement initiative. They used Action Plans to identify each potentially flammable individual façade panel, then create an ITP or ITC off a QR code. This clearly identified the location of each individual panel via the location tool. By integrating Action Plans across multiple sites, the SHAPE façade project team transformed and streamlined how they would manage the resolution of façade upgrades – and track panels in the future.

“Before Procore Action Plans we would have used a spreadsheet to manage the administration of façade remediation projects. However, with Procore Action Plans we can now administrate a real-time stamp for each panel as it is remediated. This has removed paper management from a large series of projects we have underway nationwide,” said Jasmine.

This innovative application of Action Plans links an online system for thousands of façade panels with observations, inspections and the defect list. The documentation centralised ensures information is kept at the ‘capture point in time’ for as long as necessary, providing all ITPs, ITCs or manufacturer warranty details are at hand for the entire team, for as long as is needed.

Construction worker on a suspended scaffold

Supporting Robust Brand Promises

Action Plans and its ability to verify quality assurance throughout the project is helping support SHAPE’s goal of zero defects at the time of completion. This competitive edge is being extended to each of its projects, now incorporating Action Plans to help meet its ‘Perfect Delivery’ methodology. This approach with Procore is outlined in tender documents and highlights SHAPE’s quality control measures and benchmarks.

“Our marketing team has completed extensive internal and external research recently and we established Procore has contributed to our reputation as a leader in safety procedures,” said Bradley.

Seamlessly integrating tools and data in one place.

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