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Case Study

360 Project View Helps Q Construction Scale with Confidence

Detailed view of a building's glass wall

The Challenge

Q Commercial had been looking for a project management solution to minimize paperwork and enable more efficient information sharing across the organisation in real-time. The solution would have to be easy to on-board to maximise efficiencies.

The Solution

Procore's project management system, encompassing Site Audits, RFIs, and Document Submittals, ensures the Q Commercial team has full, real-time visibility of all project activities, no matter the time of day nor distance from the job site, saving time and money on a daily basis.

Procore had all the functions we were looking for, and provided the flexibility to be used at any time of the day and on any device.

Brendan Gray

Front view of an office and its warehouse

Delivering Value from the Start

Prior to adopting Procore, Q Commercial experienced a failed roll out for a construction vertical delivered on MS Dynamics, and began searching for an alternative solution. The solutions assessed were highly complex, involving an extensive investment in time and resources to build, configure and implement the technology.

Q Commercial selected Procore after assessing multiple project management tools, because of its range of functionality, ease of configuration and intuitive interface recommended it as the solution that would be most easily integrated with Q Commercial's forward-looking portfolio. Rather than requiring extensive, time-consuming and resource-intensive customisation of the project, Procore could be implemented in comparatively short order and speedily adopted by Q's workers.This also saved the business significantly on up-front costs.

Brendan Gray, Director at Q Commercial, commented, "We needed a tool that would work and add value from day one, without the need for excess technical support or training for the team. Procore had all the functions we were looking for, and provided the flexibility to be used at any time of the day and on any device. The mobile functionality, in this regard, was a huge benefit to Q Commercial."

Side view of a finished building

Reducing errors

Procore's RFI & Quality Assurance tools enable Q Commercial to eliminate the chances of error and the related rework that typically results in projects going over budget and beyond scheduled timelines. The ease of use of Procore's cloud-based tool suite—coupled with the platform's ability to host team member communications in real time and from any internet-enabled location—ensures that the project continues to move forward with clarity on all fronts.

Maximising Visibility and Optimising Safety

Procore, built by and for the industry, is designed with quality and safety at its core. The tool has an Inspection Library, which can be accessed and updated in real-time on any device, enabling users to create an observation within the tool immediately as they see a safety violation or defect on-site. These observations can then be viewed and assessed by users across the project, and addressed in real-time to circumvent hazards and dangers.

Procore's cloud-based platform drastically mitigates risk by making each instance a shared and recorded discovery. Likewise, the cloud-based model ensures a transparency and immediacy of communication that won't be derailed by a hastily scribbled note. The clear digital "paper trail" of all inspections and observations eliminates guesswork and establishes an environment of easy and willing accountability. Brendan adds, "Procore's biggest asset is its constant development of new functions while continuing to improve existing functionality."

Advisory Works office space

Streamlining Communications and Documents, Saving Time and Money

Procore acts as a one-stop, cloud-based shop for all materials, notes and communications across a project, eliminating excess paperwork and printing, and enabling a project-wide, 360-degree view of all activities and resources for those stakeholders using the Procore tool. Q Commercial has used the Document Submittals and document sharing functions to keep all teams aligned on project progress at the click of a button, while also saving on time and resources which would otherwise be required to print, send, share, track, file, and monitor information.

Always Growing Alongside Procore

"Procore is an extremely vibrant and enthusiastic company. They listen to their users and are always looking to improve. This is what we truly value in a partner, and we're looking forward to seeing how they continue to evolve the product based on customer feedback. We have full confidence that Procore is the right system for us. As we grow our business, we intend to grow with Procore by our side," said Brendan.

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