Case Study

Prime Build Resolves RFIs 10 Times Quicker with Procore

The Challenge

In an effort to consolidate systems, Prime Constructions began searching for a comprehensive project management solution. They wanted a single centralised platform that could streamline their processes, improve communication across teams, and provide real-time insight into project health.

The Solution

With its robust toolset, Prime Constructions decided to partner with Procore, which allowed them to update, view, and share project information in real time and in one easily accessible location. As a result, collaboration, communication, and project efficiencies improved across the organisation.

“The ability to see an issue, take a photo, and send an RFI immediately cuts down so much time at the office.”

Brodie Rodman

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Finding the Right Project Management Solution

Helping lead the initiative was Prime Constructions' General Manager, John MacPherson. In his research, John and his team discovered that Procore allowed them to consolidate systems into one centralised location. Procore's platform integrated project management and financial tools, thereby reducing double entry and time spent managing multiple systems. What's more, it offered customised reporting, automated various tasks, and allowed permission-settings for documents. This gave John and his team the flexibility that they needed to easily disseminate information, view data in real time, and ultimately, streamline their project management processes.

John says, 'We needed a cutting-edge project management software—that software being Procore—to make us much more efficient. That's why we made the leap, and it's been very successful.'

Another factor in the decision-making process was Procore's willingness to take Prime Constructions' feedback to continually improve the platform. John says that the ability to work together with Procore to enhance the software's capabilities has been a key driver of their success. Additionally, John says that Procore's top tier support team, which he describes as 'progressive, informed, and proactive', has helped ensure a successful implementation companywide.

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Moving to a Centralised Platform

Replacing previous disjointed systems that didn't communicate, Procore's platform allowed Prime Constructions' team members to seamlessly collaborate with one another—from owners to architects to subbies. Having a robust project management toolset where all collaborators could access and update information helped streamline projects from inception to completion.

John explains, "One of the things that attracted us to Procore was that it's an all-encompassing project management software including the jobsite activities, documentation, and tracking RFIs. We're much more efficient in the earlier stages, when we're more heavily involved with the client and consultants in the design stage, as well as in our day-to-day project management."

Another added benefit was that Procore's cloud-based platform eliminated the need for employees to carry stacks of drawings to the jobsite. Removing manual paper processes also ensured that all collaborators had the most up-to-date documents, and it eliminated administrative tasks like printing and scanning forms. Instead, employees documented and shared all necessary items right within the platform, saving hours of time.

"Procore has been everything we've wanted it to be because it encompasses everything—it encompasses our site activities, our document management, getting that information to our client, RFIs, site diaries—everything's in there," says John.

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Leveraging Real-Time Data

With Procore's intuitive interface, all employees—even those that were less tech savvy—were able to readily learn and use the platform. Consequently, with more team members using features like the Directory, Cost Reporting, and RFI tools on a regular basis, data was more up-to-date. This aided communication between the office and field teams, allowing them to view potential issues, track the status of items, and send follow-up notifications or reminders in real time.

With about 60 employees, John notes that the ability to have real-time reporting on any device, from any location was—and still is—a key factor to successfully managing projects. He says, "Whenever I want to jump in and have a look at cost reporting, we have real-time access to that financial reporting. We can also track RFIs, designs, and have the flexibility of being able to bring new staff onboard and set permissions."

Similarly, Senior Contracts Administrator, Brodie Rodman, says that the mobile functionality in particular helps him and his team easily access the most up-to-date drawings, reducing error and helping keep projects on time and under budget. It also provides visibility into the current status of items such as approvals, RFIs, and change events at any given moment. He says, "The ability to see an issue, take a photo, and send an RFI immediately cuts down so much time at the office. The old way would be to take a photo, head back to the office, and type up an email—that can be 15-20 minutes, whereas we can send an RFI in about 2-3 minutes now. It's fantastic."

From HSEQ Manager, Annette Sommerville's perspective, Procore has been critical in helping expedite resolutions to potential quality and safety issues. Features like the Observations Tool helps her monitor inconsistencies in real time across all projects.

She explains, "Procore is really good from a safety point of view—everyone can do observations and put their safety concerns straight into Procore, direct any issues straight to wherever they need to, and copy anyone they need to. It works really well for puts my mind at ease that I've got the tools and information I need to make well-informed decisions."

Ultimately, Procore helped improve project efficiencies by providing Prime Constructions' team members with the resources they needed to make such well-informed decisions. With real-time data, enhanced communication, and a collaborative interface, Procore allowed Prime Constructions to consolidate systems and streamline their project management processes with one centralised platform.

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