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North Australian Contracting

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The Challenge

Strategic Reputation & Quality Management

Identifying, measuring, and monitoring defects and compliance risks can be challenging for internal and external linings projects. It may only be in the case of a disaster when testing compliance benchmarks, for instance, fire-rating. The company had the opportunity to trial Procore live on site when working for a leading Queensland builder, so NAC knew first hand Procore would solve this issue and help protect its valuable reputation. As a result, NAC implemented Procore Project Management and Quality & Safety to automate its processes and enhance quality control outcomes.

The Solution

Creating Transparency & Control

Moving from paper-based ITPs, copious internal RFI emails, and spreadsheets to Procore has revolutionised efficiency and productivity outcomes for NAC. The company has now automated tracking and monitoring of thousands of drawings and hundreds of RFIs for large-scale, mission-critical projects. With the significant changes impacting quality control for operators in the Queensland building industry, NAC is acting by replacing its manual ITP system with Procore. This digital ITP system operates accurately in real-time and positively influences bottom-line outcomes.

“With Procore, we create systems that transform how we work. I automate weekly reports to run my business better. Procore benchmarks our industry reputation with a clearly defined digital ITP trail for quality inspections for fire-rating, seismic and wind pressure requirements. We are proactive and very effective with our ITPs, and this protects our building licence and ability to deliver,” says Danny.

“Working with different builders across multiple projects, we need to use a variety of software, such as Aconex and other in-house systems. Procore is definitely one of the better project management systems we use.”
Danny Simpson
Managing Director
North Australian Contracting
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Meeting regulatory requirements for quality

NAC’s previous manual ITPs system—what Danny calls the ‘tick and flick’ method—would not meet building code changes for seismic activity in Queensland. The Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC) is actively inspecting sites and has completed extensive reviews of medium-rise and high-rise buildings. Recently, it has begun its inspection on Level 4 buildings, such as hospitals and public projects, as they must withstand a higher rate of natural disasters the state routinely faces.

“The regulatory landscape for Queensland construction changed in 2019. From my perspective, the commercial construction sector in Queensland is leading on a national basis when it comes to delivering quality outcomes. Procore ensures transparent workflow, automated reporting and an audit trail which helps QBCC inspectors understand each project we work on. This contributes to the highly positive reputation we enjoy with builders,” says Danny.

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Generating company-wide efficiencies

Procore is a crucial business tool for Danny as he carefully monitors efficiency levels and the impact of defects.

“With automated weekly reports sent to me, I can stay on top of the primary business drivers. I focus on RFI and Inspection reports, both internally and externally. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible on-site and not have highly-paid tradespeople just sitting around. In terms of defects, we need to know in advance if we could potentially face a repetitive defect on each floor of a 20-storey building. Procore’s automated drawings and ITPs help us avoid this,” he says.

These enhanced project management processes have created a competitive edge as far as reputation is concerned. 

“While builders won’t pay us any more for our project management skills, creating a new type of project management IP with Procore is invaluable. We have more open relationships with our industry colleagues, and this is paying off as we focus on continued growth,” he concluded.

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