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Interface Constructions



In staff churn with standardised professional systems



Site visibility with virtual site visits daily



For project management documentation and reporting

The Challenge

With an ambitious growth plan over the years, Interface Constructions relied on its staff to manage projects on very basic systems, with no standardisation and multiple software tools in use.

“There was no document control as each member of the team did things their way, with varying levels of success every time,” Masci said.

The Solution

Interface Constructions realised it needed a system that would scale to better support its future use and growth. Initially, the firm minimised the number of tools in operation and moved all data into a Microsoft Excel workbook, designing a spreadsheet for every construction need. Realising it needed more insights into the business daily, the company implemented Procore for Project Management, Quality & Safety and the Correspondence management tool.

“We are relationship-based in everything we do. Procore is the ideal partner for us—they took the time to understand our needs and help us adapt the platform accordingly. Procore is user friendly, streamlined and has an impressive innovation roadmap, and this also aligns with our vision for growth and excellence.”
Daniel Masci

Efficiency Drives Economy

Interface Constructions needed a platform which would scale and solve the issue of retaining its current headcount. As a Tier 3 builder, its project managers work on multiple projects and need to be across every site requirement on a daily basis. General Manager Rick Calabrese was familiar with Procore in a previous role and believed it the most modern and user-friendly option available.

“Procore’s strong commitment to R&D was a standout then, and this has only strengthened over time.”

In 2017, Calabrese began the implementation of Procore to further support the growth of the company and its reputation. Processes once deemed ‘too hard’ to implement suddenly became both achievable and importantly, easily repeatable.

Interface Constructions began phase one of the roll-out by documenting each project via Procore’s mobile app. Everyone in the company downloaded the app to their phone and started uploading thousands of site photos to the platform.

“We made use of document and drawing management from day one, and this is important as we have a lot of projects in design and construct. We were able to include our various engineers and consultants with everyone working off the one system.“

Phase two was a natural progression. Site diaries were transferred from another digital system into Procore. This also included generating ITPs in the Inspection tool and logging all of its OH&S through the platform.

“Procore has helped us manage defects better and subcontractors more efficiently. We now have photographic and documented evidence in the system which means we better manage our recoverables,” Calabrese explained.

Interface Constructions is now incorporating the Correspondence management tool into its toolkit. It is currently in the process of creating its communications modules and is seeing ‘improvement all the time’.

The inside of a trendy office space with a poster with "hustle" on the wall.

Creating valuable IP in the cloud

Having a modern, easy-to-use project management system in the cloud has completely transformed how the Interface Constructions team works.

“Our project managers start their day with one project, check in on the others via Procore during the day and can even close out the day physically on another site. It’s a truly scalable professional system that can better support our staff. This also helps us hire more experienced team members who are already familiar with Procore. Our staff churn levels have significantly reduced, and this further frees up the directors to focus on the business, rather than training staff,” he said.

The Procore platform importantly helped the company support new stringent COVID-19 operating requirements.

“We are conducting temperature checks each morning on-site and logging these into a diary which we then photograph and upload into the system. Whenever we find a member of the team with an elevated temperature, they are off-site and sent for testing. Without medical clearance, they are not allowed back on site. Procore is helping us track this vital business requirement with great visibility.”

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