Case Study

Henny Leverages Digital Efficiency to Take on Larger Projects


Larger Projects

The team can take on projects 3x as large as when they started.


Month Fast Time to Value

Henny fully implemented Procore across projects and teams in just over 1 month.


Greater Efficiency

Teams save an estimated 30-40% of their time.

The Challenge

Henny used a variety of software solutions, but none enabled the site and office teams to collaborate effectively. Henny also wanted a more efficient way to view financial and operations data, allowing them to successfully scale and grow.

The Solution

Procore not only consolidated project information into a centralised hub, but it also offered a crucial integration with Henny’s accounting solution. All project stakeholders had one source of truth, and with streamlined processes, the business was able to continue its rapid growth trajectory.

“After we demoed it, the decision came pretty quickly. It was the most seamless demo without any competition. We knew very quickly that Procore was the best fit for us. As a small business, we needed something that would help us scale.”

Guisep Cosentino


The Story

Since Henny Pty Ltd was founded 18 months ago, the business has grown dramatically. CIO Guisep Cosentino explains, ‘Our growth really hit a sticking point until we jumped on with Procore. We spent the first six to eight months growing and growing. But we didn't have visibility into what was happening’.

The main challenge was that, at the time, they used a variety of software solutions. None of them fully supported site-to-office communication or offered comprehensive financial data. 

Cosentino and his team decided to look at construction management solutions that aligned with the business’s key objectives—growth, efficiency, and quality. He eventually narrowed his search to a few solutions: a financially-focused solution, an industry-leading competitive solution and Procore. For Cosentino, the first ‘really fell short’ when it came to user experience, noting ‘it felt like it was from 2005’. The industry-leading competitor, on the other hand, was in the midst of an acquisition and didn’t offer the integrations they needed. Not to mention, the tools were slow, difficult to use, and lacked full mobile functionality.

modern black slanted rooftop with multiple windows

Then the team then turned to Procore. ‘After we demoed it, the decision came pretty quickly. It was the most seamless demo without any competition. We knew very quickly that Procore was the best fit for us. As a small business, we needed something that would help us scale’.

Procore offered integration with Henny’s accounting software, Xero, and it allowed teams to access all project data from one centralised location. They could also view real-time data from anywhere. What’s more, they had access to online training certifications for easier adoption. 

‘When looking at other solutions, the deal-breaker was their inability to help us adopt that software as quickly as Procore could’, says Cosentino, noting it was only about one month.

With Procore, Henny streamlined its financial and operations data and gained greater visibility. ‘The project dashboards give us visibility into RFIs, observations, defects, and inspections—at the click of a button. An executive can understand at every level what's being done well and areas of improvement. An executive and a foreman have a single source of truth’.

boutique multi-story home with large windows and all lights on.

As a result, the business was able to continue to grow rapidly. ‘Looking back, it's amazing what we’ve been able to do since then. I don't only feel that we can manage bigger projects—I know we can, and we have. That's really the transition I’ve seen in the last six months: the confidence to take on bigger jobs and the confidence in accurate financial and operational data. We’re able to take on projects that are three times the size we said we'd do at the start’.

But for Cosentino, having a more streamlined solution means more than just efficient processes. ‘There’s a level of satisfaction that builders experience when they take a concept and make it into something tangible’, he says. ‘Watching it go from a piece of dirt to a multi-level apartment building that creates a home for people is really exciting’.

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