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Case Study

GNB Energy reduces rework by 80% with Procore

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The Challenge

With the number of transport and main road (TMR) projects for local councils increasing, GNB needed to transform its quality assurance system from paper to digital. Currently, documentation, timesheets and dockets from each team member are handed in weekly for each project for back-office staff to transcribe the data. GNB recognised a construction management platform could streamline, digitise and centralise the data.

They implemented Project Management, Quality & Safety, and Project Financials to improve quality controls and minimise the risks of relying on manual systems for project management, financial management and time sheeting. They also connected to Procore marketplace apps, including Xero by Interfy for accounting, and invoice scanning with ProScan+ by Smoothlink.

The Solution

GNB Energy implemented Procore across its 50-plus site team members to help build business analytics. They could capture daily site data in inspections, plant risk assessments, photos and documentation. Having this data in a central place makes it more accessible for everyone and has improved safety outcomes. Project administrators and quality assurance engineers can now review the information as it’s received. This has helped to identify areas of rework and lucrative new business opportunities.

“GNB Energy needed to administrate and maintain stringent quality assurance benchmarks plus handle rapidly scalable growth. Procore was the ideal solution to replace our paper-based system. Its digital real-time construction management platform differentiates our service capabilities and quality controls from the competition,” says James.

With Procore, we are seeing an uplift in our quality and safety benchmarks and our bottom line. Not only can we guarantee our quality assurance via the platform data, but we have also been able to transparently present information to clients to verify our standards and identify additional variations.

James Rose

Operations Manager

Forecasting the Future

Adding a construction management platform means, GNB Energy is now capturing data to track plant and equipment usage rates. This is an important step to help it plan how much to invest in the business in the future. This will help GNB Energy to be included in more tier-one tender panels. Procore’s financial tools are helping them to understand efficiency rates and their impact on profitability levels.

“As we grow, we need an understanding of our rates and capability to flex on these to build a steady pipeline of work,” he outlined.

Having the ability to link work hours and timesheets for specific in-house plant and vehicle servicing means they have a clear understanding of usage rates and assess when items need upgrading or maintenance.

Inspections now include plant and equipment, such as the firm’s vehicle fleet, ensuring it’s fully stocked and left in an appropriate condition for the next field team member to use. Pre-start inspections identify areas needing improvement, including ensuring its fleet is left tidy and fully operable.

Procore is now an essential business tool GNB Energy relies on to strengthen its relationships with tier-one clients. Its flexibility means it can customise inspections to meet their requirements, building its reputation as a highly professional and supportive partner.

A truck with a crane on a trailer

Boosting Employee's Ownership and Accountability

GNB Energy’s use of Procore has transformed their quality outcomes. Teams can now review final inspection photos and resolve queries in real time, helping site teams take more responsibility for their own safety in a mission-critical work environment.

“Procore has helped our team to understand they need to meet and own specific standards before they close out a job. Our transparent reporting process has seen an extraordinary uplift in accountability and reduced defects. The team is more thorough with real-time incident capture, and this is improving our reporting and safety outcomes,” James said.

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