Case Study

Edwards Construction Chooses Procore for Reliable Outcomes


Full days saved

each month in managing and reviewing drawings and specs


Automated inductions

planned for uploading into Procore


Real-time automation

of safety statistics to improve visibility

The Challenge

With a successful history of Federal, NSW Government and ISO accreditations for safety, quality and environmental management, Edwards Constructions understands the importance of operating with lean workflow and processes. To further enhance its work, the company wanted a project management platform to better support its quality system and building standards while offering induction automation and sign-ons management. Since the early 90’s, Edwards Constructions had been implementing numerous systems which promised various aspects of project management, but none of them has made the cut.

The Solution

Following key learnings from Federal Safety Commissioner audits, Edwards Constructions saw Procore as the answer to its current and future needs. With Procore’s web-based platform, subscription model and iOS compatibility, Edwards Constructions implemented Procore Tender Management, Project Management, Quality & Safety, Project Financials and Correspondence management tools.

"Transparency, accountability, and the efficiency that the Procore system brings are the primary drivers behind our implementation. We are looking to further extend our ROI with the integration of an on-site induction workflow as this is currently quite complex," said Samuel.

“Procore is an evolution of previous platforms like Aconex or ProjectCenter. From what we can see, Procore is the platform of choice in our industry. Our driver is to keep on top of the latest technologies, to maintain our accreditations and remain innovative. Procore supports this goal.”

Samuel Edwards

Construction worker inspecting a roof

The Story

Edwards Constructions had well-established processes in place to support the safe delivery of projects. So, they sought to implement Procore tools as an overlay to its whole project lifecycle – from tendering through to defect-free completion and maintenance period management. After the company’s 2017 restructuring from a large company to today’s core smaller operation, this meant now was a great time to implement Procore over eight weeks and complete training quickly.
"The range of utility Procore delivers is high, and the pricing is also a major benefit. It meant we could see the day where we completely move away from word documents, spreadsheets and email," Samuel said.

Front entrance of Shoalhaven heads brigade fire department

LEGO Live Workshop

Once the team had completed their certification on Procore, a two-day workshop was planned to set up a live project. Day one covered off the video training and testing, while day two focused on building a LEGO model fire station. The team incorporated tendering and estimation, administration, budgets and finance, site management and site inspection processes (including ITP’s through Actions Plans) into the construction of a complete LEGO fire station.
"We focused on the key things that we needed to see on every project. Everything from toolbox meetings and inductions, to variations and site inspections that result in the revision of specs or drawings. We had our finance people do the budget and link to Xero (using OneCore from Interfy), and it was a great way to run a whole project from start to finish in a day," he explained.
The lessons the team learned during the session helped identify possible risks and why it was important to spend your project time getting to the outcomes driven by the management system.
"The out-of-the-box productivity and integration that Procore delivers will help us build outstanding site teams. For our requirements, it’s well ahead of solutions like Aconex. Procore makes things a lot more efficient, accountable and transparent—leading to improved reliability. These are key values to our business," said Samuel.

Edwards Construction contractor smiling to the camera

Procore linked to KPI Improvements

Implementing a company-wide platform will introduce a set of robust statistics, allowing the company to measure performance on safety, efficiency and productivity. Edwards Constructions plans on tracking finance, quality and environment Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as a live project within Procore. This will then determine if any improvements can be attributed to Procore.
The business has also set a goal to ensure 50% of its "in-project" subcontractors will be using Procore within the first six months.
"It’s all part of our future focus on infrastructure construction and the delivery of professional and high-quality systems and teams to achieve great outcomes and maintain our compliance requirements," he confirmed.

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