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Case Study

Procore Utilisation Rate Powers Productivity for CSI Group

Almost finished modern building


Productivity Operation

across every team member


Revenue Growth

annually per employee


Platform Integration

linking construction and finance data

Reducing paperwork and streamlining quality assurance.

The Challenge

CSI had a basic project management solution in place. But the team needed a unified construction management platform to do more than just financial tracking–to deliver the tools the team needed to help them build better and smarter. Crucially, they needed a solution built for the mobile world, where working from a remote device would take priority over a desktop PC.

In early 2021 CSI developed a cost-benefit analysis on several construction software solutions and shortlisted Procore. The team developed a strategy for assessing the estimated benefits they would gain with Procore, weighing up additional cost savings against an increase in productivity and quality assurance. Based on their conservative estimates, the company believes the productivity and quality gains would significantly outweigh their initial investment in Procore. In July 2021, CSI implemented Project Management, Project Financials and Quality and Safety. They also leverage integrations such as Procore Meetings with Microsoft Teams, Procore for Outlook, Accounting Xero Connector and DocuSign for increased collaboration and efficiencies.

The Solution

All of CSI’s projects now run on Procore. The use of Procore is mandated to ensure all team members and subcontractors help centralise data and build an analytical platform that can track and shape performance outcomes in the future. The consulting services company also relies on Procore now for a transparent, real-time view of projects and a way to track financial targets. Additionally, the platform's project management tools deliver daily value-added benefits. A year down the track, CSI is now benchmarking expectations and tracking tool usage.

“We didn’t have a core-connected platform. Everything was created in different software solutions on an ad hoc basis. There was no standardisation to what we did, and we were very reliant on people, rather than a core system that should be connecting a growing team across multiple locations,” said Peter.

We have removed unnecessary documentation out of our system. Now, when a quality process is embedded in Procore, it’s much more productive for our teams to use a tool on a mobile device. Straight away, there is less resistance to following documented quality and safety protocols, plus we are achieving better quality assurance with controlled workflow from a core platform.

Peter Clark

Chief Financial Officer

A building's different floors seen from the interior, from the lowest to the highest

An increase in productivity leads to an increase in revenue

With Procore implemented, the working lives of CSI’s team have been transformed. This is most evident with the Inspections tool. The previous multi-step procedure, which anchored staff to desktops uploading photos has been replaced with a mobile inspections template in Procore.

“Our team can now walk around following the Inspections template, raise observations in real-time and move from inspection to inspection. This has removed the need to return to the office and has produced two fantastic results – an increase in quality and quantity in the number of inspections our team can get through daily. Either way, it translates into an increase in productivity and inevitably revenue,” he says.

CSI is now using Procore across its 75 projects and, being a consultancy, relies on the platform to digitally transform how it tracks stress and fatigue.

“We are consultants, so we don’t perform physical work on site. The transparency of Procore means we know we have staff working at the stretch level for productivity, which means we need to track and monitor stress and fatigue levels carefully. It must be working because we have already seen our average gross profit margin improve,” said Peter.

Skyscrapers and local shops

Greater visibility improves cash flow

CSI enjoys the transparency benefits of estimating, head contract and schedules management, submitting progress claims and accelerated cash flow courtesy of Procore.

"As the CFO, I love exporting the head contract progress claim PDF and the timecard report to send to our clients. This is the language our clients speak and providing unrequested data has helped answer any questions upfront and increased the ease of payment.”

The future rollout of the Procore platform will support CSI as it establishes four key operational divisions to support its current operating structure and plan for future growth. Procore and its tools will become more specific for these divisions as they build stronger links between the design team and Action Plans, for example.

Seamlessly integrating tools and data in one place.

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