Case Study

Ascot Delivers Clifton Hill Project End-to-End in 7 Months

The Challenge

Over the past few years, the Ascot Group has developed an exceptional reputation for investing and innovating in new ways to stay competitive in Australia's current market.

One way they are diversifying is by focusing on renovations and refurbishments that help them attract more clients with a range of feasible budgets. This strategy has been extremely successful as they are now managing, on average, over 100 different projects.

For Kate Lynch, Ascot Group's Operations Manager, this is great for her job security, but not for her bandwidth. Kate knew that in order to sustain their productivity, while taking on this added workload, she would need to upgrade from the Ascot Group's paper-based system.

Desk and waiting center

"It was so easy to get lost with paper. You misplace your site diary, or one person is off on holiday and things get off track. There were instances where we just could not figure out why we were losing money. We needed a system where everything was all in one spot," says Kate.

With Procore, everyone and everything that the Ascot Group uses to manage their projects is on the same digital page, so important details don't get missed and Kate won't have to deal with lost money, wasted time, or frustration.

From tendering to completion, the Ascot Group keeps their teams in the loop and projects moving forward with the help of:

  • Full visibility into the entire portfolio of projects
  • Unlimited digital document storage
  • Mobile accessibility to real time information

Turning around Clifton Hill Medical Clinic in Seven Months

In early 2016, the Ascot Group was awarded the contract for Clifton Hill Medical Clinic. Work commenced in March and a successful project was delivered to their client by the end of October.

Here's how Kate used Procore to simplify time-consuming processes and mitigate the risk of the Ascot Group's paper-based system.

Trying to drive to each of Ascot's over 100 projects is impossible. Digital drawings allowed Kate to "visit" or visibly see how all of her projects were progressing from start to completion without actually visiting the jobsites.

Procore makes your electronic documents available to any member of your extended team with varying permission levels. When everything is stored digitally from Kate's secure mobile device, there is no chance of papers getting lost in the shuffle.

According to Kate, having access to progress photos keeps stakeholders connected to the project while minimizing the amount of legwork on her part to communicate updates. Collaborators have access to any information she allows them to see, without the need for back and forth communication.

Site Diary
For managers who need to keep track of every detail, like Kate, a digital site diary allows her to track labour and communication each and every day. Now, when her budgets reflect losses in money, she doesn't have to rely on the gut instincts of her more seasoned employees. She has access to the exact data that she needs to confidently make decisions.

With Procore's defect lists, Kate can minimize confusion and accurately track defects by keeping a clear list of issues, assigning responsibility, and tracking an issue's current status. "When everyone is accountable, defects are quickly rectified, and timeframes are shortened," says Kate.

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