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Case Study

Ananda maintains 40% annual efficiency gains with Procore

Contractor using an ipad while another contractor is taking measures


Efficiency Gain

Maintained year on year.



Transparency Supporting the supply chain.


User Adoption

increase in 12 months.

Procore platform consolidates data, enhancing performance and driving company growth

The Challenge

Before Procore, Ananda's construction teams struggled to find critical information. It was scattered between multiple software applications and platforms – lacking integration between different vendor solutions. Communication was difficult and stakeholder alignment was virtually impossible. Aiming to connect information and teams on a core construction management platform led them to software that, unfortunately, delivered a poor end-user experience.

Ananda prioritised its three key concerns – centralised access to data, teamwide collaboration and quality and safety. It turned to Procore and successfully trialled the platform on six projects over eight weeks in 2018. The result was starkly different with end users loving the 25% power improvements of Procore Project Management and openly embracing the new technology. They recognised the value of a single source of truth and consolidated reporting.

The Solution

Procore is delivering on its promise as a true all-in-one platform capable of connecting information and multiple teams. It was its Ashton Asoke-Rama 9 twin towers development in the centre of Bangkok that delivered a turning point for contractor buy-in. The launch of the Procore Correspondence tool meant for the first time, its contractor network could create their own forms and collect data. Productivity levels improved and soon the contractor network could see and forecast performance and cost improvements.

“Our goal over the past two years has been to develop the professional standards of our contracting teams. We knew Procore could help here, and we now have the data to share with contractors to highlight potential improvements. Seeing a clear roadmap on how they can improve their performance and the quality of our builds is one of our greatest challenges but also one of our greatest achievements. Procore helps us partner more closely with everyone in our team,” said Thanit.

“This was seen most clearly with the hundreds of RFIs openly available for the project. Rather than wait for weekly meetings and instructions, project team members have changed their behaviours with daily meetings to identify and resolve issues more collaboratively. Onsite behaviour has revolutionised from head office engineers to general contractors now keeping a build on track and on budget daily," he said.

Ananda is well advanced in its digitisation journey to transform its performance in the construction sector, and revolutionise its role in the broader business community. Procore has been a foundational platform for us. Our end-users understand our goal in building with Procore is to achieve better performance outcomes now and into the future.

Thanit Thanadirek

Business Digitisation Manager

Integrating Project and Supply Chain Management

As global supply chains face unrelenting pressures, shortages and cost increases – particularly in the post-COVID environment, Ananda has expanded its use of Procore to better manage the supply chain. With better visibility into actual costs and timelines against the original project plan and budget, all parties now can make better and more informed decisions more frequently.

“Having our contractors and the supply chain data in Procore mean we have a transparent view of material shortages and costs. We can assess what this means in terms of our project timeline and contract on a daily basis as it changes. Just like RFIs encourage accountability, daily monitoring of the supply chain encourages action at the right time with all parties to maximise opportunities and better manage our budget.”

ConTech 2018 graduation meeting

Maintaining Quality Standards

Ananda has constructed two primary dashboards to integrate Inspections, Design Reviews, Schedule Management, Safety and Quality. The developer takes data from its Inspection tool, combines it with its internal Safety database analytics and scores each safety inspection, highlighting and ranking which safety incidents require their focus.

“By improving the quality standards of each build – which inevitably happens when you track safety inspections and rectifications, we can protect our project timelines and profitability.”

With the core Procore platform delivering significant actionable data insights for Ananda, the goal to continue its digital leadership position is very positive.

“The Procore platform has proven to us that it has always outperformed our original goals to manage inspections and scheduling better. It has taught us that the most important thing is the data you can collate and easily apply to your business again and again. This has helped us maintain our competitive advantage and reputation for quality.”

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