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Software for Construction Incidents

Is your business equipped to capture and manage the right information?

Construction woman welding

Track incidents to identify future risks and take preventive actions.

Construction teams strive to take a proactive approach to safety management. However, even at the most proactive jobsites unforeseen accidents can happen. If and when they do, it is important to respond quickly and thoroughly. These incidents need to be documented, the correct people need to be notified, and insight should be gleamed into how to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Here is how Procore's Incidents Tool will help you manage risk, identify trends, and harness valuable data to better understand how these unfortunate situations happened in the first place:

  • Create injury or illness, near miss, environmental and property damage records

  • Utilise incident data to identify risks and take preventative actions

  • Gain insights into your incident patterns

  • Automatically alert necessary stakeholders

  • Create witness statement recordings

  • Manage exposure to liabilities, minimise losses and avoid penalties

  • Lower insurance premiums by improving reporting requirements and safety management processes

A Single Source of Truth

There are a lot of people and steps involved in documenting an incident. You want to make sure the right people have access to the right information. The Incidents Tool allows you to capture consistent and true data in one single place that you can access and report across easily.

Capture the Right Information

Often times, very complex forms are used to document these unexpected incidents. Procore's Incidents Tool eliminates the confusion, making it easy to accurately document what's necessary depending on the event.

Get the Whole Picture

Leading indicators only show you so much, but by adding important elements of your lagging indicators—captured by the Incidents Tool—you are gaining better visuals and dashboards into high-risk areas and current processes that can be improved.

Improve Your Safety Program

The valuable insights you gain from the Incidents Tool will help you format your toolbox talks, onboarding, quarterly training, and learning elements. You now can utilise this trusted data to continuously improve your safety program, keeping your teams safe and your business competitive.

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