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Procore includes comprehensive management and organization of a project's transmittals. With Procore, you'll never lose track of a transmittal, and you'll be able to see exactly what materials were sent to any recipient.

Create a transmittal within Procore's construction software and specify the transmittal number, a requested response date, as well as a request for acknowledgment.

  • Customize transmittal forms to match your company's brand
  • Quickly send and track transmittals
  • Attach related project documents of all file types

  • Attach Related Project Information

    You can attach related items to a transmittal, including change orders, submittals, RFIs, punch list items, and many other types of information included within Procore. Procore automatically tracks transmittals by creation date, as well as the date upon which the transmittal was sent.

  • Customize Branding

    Custom transmittals can be formatted to include your company letterhead or standard fax cover sheet format to match a firm's existing business documentation.

  • Export to PDF or .CSV Formats

    Completed transmittals can be exported from Procore in PDF format according to a standard or custom format which can be configured for a specific company. Export to a .CSV file to import into other corporate data systems requiring transmittal log information.

"Procore saves time by increasing collaboration. The profit margin alone paid for nearly two years of Procore."

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