Smarter Construction

Smarter construction starts with a foundation built on visibility and quality

Build smarter, better and faster in today’s uncertain world. Connect teams, workflows and data on Procore’s platform and build your competitive advantage.

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Start with real-time visibility at every stage of construction

Fletcher Construction uses Procore to foster risk-sharing with 100% transparency on mission-critical projects. The real-time collaboration the platform offers has helped them accelerate their timelines by 75% and improve accuracy by 90%.

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Start with quality assurance and setting new standards

Alliance Project Group meets on-site quality assurance using Procore's Action Plans tool, with 10,000 digitised ITPs projected across hundreds of projects. With Procore, teams have boosted site-register accuracy by 95%, leading to a 30% efficiency gain across the company.

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Visibility + Quality + Unified data = Smarter Construction

For developers and contractors, getting an instant and clear picture of project and portfolio performance is vital. Connected insights lead to connected teams, driving quality assurance, collaboration and efficiency at every stage of construction so you can build smarter.

Discover 5 ways that accurate, real-time data can help you navigate change and stay ahead in our industry.

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Work smarter, with data at your fingertips

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Smarter construction leads to more profitable builds

In this age of smarter construction, progressive companies are pioneering a new way of working that allows visibility across all performance metrics and drives quality, providing a powerful advantage over the competition. Some benefits experienced by our customers include:


More Construction Volume

Surveyed participants say using Procore enables their project teams to manage 48% more construction volume per person.


Reduction in Rework

Customer survey respondents who agree Procore helps reduce rework reported an average reduction of 16%.


Improve Communication

90% of surveyed customers agree Procore improves their field-to-office communication.

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Our users reported 90%+ customer satisfaction in 2020. Schedule a personal walkthrough to see the impact our software can have on your business.

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