Coordination Issues

Continuous Coordination for VDC Teams

Collect issues in one place. Connect across teams. Collaborate on solutions.

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Streamline your coordination process.

Bridge the gap between VDC teams and the operations team to quickly log, assign, and access coordination issues in one central location.

  • Improve the BIM coordination process by leveraging the entire project team
  • Integrate Procore with your existing BIM technology solutions
  • Assign ownership of an item directly to a subcontractor, designer, or engineer
  • Elevate issues directly to an RFI in Procore
  • Track status of issues with dashboards
  • Filter by status and by owner

Seamlessly integrate with BIM solutions

Coordination Issues integrates with existing BIM solutions and centralizes all coordination issues in real time.

Remove the inefficiencies in coordination

With unlimited seat licenses, you can create a continuous coordination process by giving all team members access in Procore.

Monitor progress and status

Procore automatically monitors assignment due dates and sends overdue email notifications to ensure action is taken.

Elevate issues directly to an RFI

Issues automatically generate an RFI within Procore so you can quickly and easily collaborate with an architect or engineer.

Track subcontractor performance

Use interactive dashboards to hold everyone accountable and keep the project on track.

“The ability to manage the high load of changed drawings, sketches and RFIs quickly while having a central place to note all of the changes that needed to be billed to help us keep the costs from slipping through the cracks. We would recommend Procore to anyone in the construction field!”

Mike Bender

41 North Contractors