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Standardise processes and Implementation with ISO 9001 in mind

The Safety Package will support your ISO accreditation and solve for the time required to upload your forms, Inspections and Integrated Management System (IMS).

Standardising processes and Implementation with ISO 9001 in mind

Procore has been collaborating with an ISO consultant to bring a safety package to you including:

  • Document folder structure 

  • Pre-built Inspections 

  • Forms (pre work inductions and safety)

IMS (documents tool)

  • Pre-built ISO approved folder structure

  • Ready for you to fill with your standard operating procedures and workflows immediately

Pre-Built Forms

  • Site Inductions

  • Excavation Permit Template

  • Crane set Up template

  • Hot Work Permit Template

  • Working at Heights template

Pre-Built Inspections

  • HSEQ Inspection Template 

  • Directors Site Systems Audit Template

  • Plant Introduction to site Template

  • Site Establishment Checklist

  • Emergency Evacuation Record Template

Complete and Granular Control Over Who Sees What:

Administrators can easily set permission templates to ensure the right level of visibility for each type of communication. And our new "Permissions" tab allows you to quickly check who can see a communication, leaving out the guesswork and the headache.

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