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Case Study

Full French support, implementation, and tools.

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The Challenge

When QMD switched from using spreadsheets (often involving time-consuming double entry), they implemented a BIM software solution that was difficult to use. It was especially challenging for field teams which hindered field-to-office communication.

The Solution

With Procore, QMD leveraged Procore as a one-stop-shop for all project data. Moreover, Procore offered full French functionality including support, implementation, and tools––an essential component of driving success in the Quebec market.

The Results

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Extra headcount replaced by document management tools

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Company on track to scale by 100% in 24 months

Procore knows Québec. It has everything you need for every step of project management— and customer support in French.

Stéphanie Viger

Project Manager Technology Innovation

The Turning Point

When Project Manager of Technology Innovation Stéphanie Viger first joined the BIM department at QMD, teams largely relied on manual processes—spreadsheets and written notes—to manage projects. But without a centralized system, this meant they were often double entering information, increasing the risk of human error. Moreover, the spreadsheets themselves often involved complex organizational structures with external links that made managing projects that much more difficult.

Relying on these manual processes also meant that teams on site did not have access to real-time information. By the time they received updated drawings or information, it was possible that changes and updates had already been made.

QMD decided to implement a BIM software solution, but teams (especially in the field) found it was cumbersome to use. Soon after, a colleague introduced Procore as an alternative, and the leadership team launched an in-depth comparison of leading construction management solutions in the Québec market.

During their research, they liked that Procore offered a suite of tools for the entire construction management process— from project management to financial management to resource management—all in one central hub. Plus, unlike many other available solutions, Procore offered an integration with their existing accounting solution. For QMD, this was non-negotiable.

There was also one other feature that stood out. Unlike many other solutions that only had partial French capability, Procore offered full French functionality with its tools, support, specialists, and implementation. Project/BIM Coordinator Nathalie Scherrer notes that "it was a must—it was a huge turning point for us."

Viger adds, "Procore knows the Québec market. It has everything you need for every step of project management—and customer support in French. I think we spoke to Procore every week, if not every day. You don't have that with other software."

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Leveraging a One-Stop Shop

For QMD, the ability to consolidate all project information into a single system was key.

"Procore doesn’t just focus on one aspect of the construction phase," explains Scherrer. "They understand the whole process, that all the parts speak to one another, and you need all these steps to be connected in order to have the most useful platform."

With teams working from one system, processes and documentation were consistent across all projects. From the field to the office, everyone had access to the information they needed, when they needed it. Plus, QMD was able to boost communication and collaboration across teams.

"Now that we have Procore, it’s 60% better communication, 40% less margin for error," continues Scherrer. "You enter all the data into the platform, and it’s so flexible—you can tweak it or extract it without having issues—and it’s updated and live. The communication is better because Procore has easy workflows that hold people accountable, and they know what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s so user-friendly and easy."

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Fast Time to Value

After QMD implemented Procore, they quickly saw the value of having a streamlined construction management system. With more efficient processes, the team saved hours in unnecessary administrative work.

Scherrer explains, "From my experience, I easily saved about 70% of time uploading drawings. It's more efficient. Before, drawings would take forever to upload. Now, Procore makes it easy. If you made a mistake or you didn't upload them at the same time, it's okay, you can just change your revisions. With our previous software solution, you had to scrap everything and start over."

But more than just time savings, teams also enjoy using the system.

"People see the benefits right away," says Viger. "You just upload the drawings on the platform, and you can see it right away. It's fast, easy to use, and everything is there. It’s clear, and it’s the same for everyone. We ask project managers to do things in Procore, and they say, ‘I really love it.’"

Scherrer adds, "It just makes our lives easier, and people are smiling when they're using Procore. People are happy."

Ultimately, with less administrative work and streamlined workflows, QMD reinforced their commitment to building to the highest standard of quality and excellence.

Viger explains, "We’re more competitive, we’re more organized, and projects are better managed. When we show Procore to clients, they say, ‘Wow, I'm in good hands with them. They know what they're doing.’ They know the project will be well-managed."

Procore is committed to advancing the construction industry by improving the lives of people working in construction, driving technology innovation, and building a global community of groundbreakers. Our connected global construction platform unites all stakeholders on a project with unlimited access to support and a business model designed for the construction industry.

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