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Building Reforms 2021

The Quality Conversation


Quality assurance is a national issue and legislative changes are already taking effect in NSW. The loss of public confidence is putting pressure on the industry to collaborate with regulators, property owners and occupiers to ensure regulatory compliance.

From July 1, the rules will change. You’ve heard about these changes but what will they mean for you in the real world?

We invite you to a practical 60-minute panel discussion hosted by InnovationAus. You’ll hear real-world insights about the change in business risk exposure and compliance. Let’s reflect on the changes both existing and future,  what these mean in practical terms and learn the pathways to best practice.

What We'll Cover

  • The importance of quality for building and infrastructure projects to support the construction industry and drive its digital transformation nationally.
  • Why the decrease in public confidence impacts the strength of the industry, and how we can restore reputations for owners, builders and construction companies.
  • What 2021 will hold for construction technology and the best practices experts are seeing in the market.
  • Compliance vs. non-compliance: How to better collaborate with stakeholders to achieve compliance and what is vital for upholding regulation and mitigating operational risk.


Corrie McLeod

Moderator and Publisher, InnovationAus

Bronwyn Heir

Co-author of the Building Confidence Report

Chris Bulmer

CEO of Institute of Quality Construction, Greenwich Associates

Carrie Metcalfe

Partner, Minter Ellison

Aparna Reddy

General Manager Policy – Regulatory Affairs

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