Case Study

Delivering high quality output with Verve’s tech-forward approach

Verve remains a customer-focussed tech innovator with Procore.

The Challenge

Verve is a Dubai-based boutique fit-out business that aims to deliver a bespoke client experience. They’ve enjoyed huge success over the past five years, standing out due to their tech-savvy approach; relying on digital tools, tablets and online documentation to move at pace and meet the requirements of the industry and the client in real-time.

Deepak Dinesh Prabakaran, Director of Design and Engineering at Verve, says of Verve’s can-do attitude: “How we leverage technology to provide excellent customer experience has given us the edge in the fit-out sector.”

But combining such big ambitions with a burgeoning roster risks losing one at the expense of the other. To stop this happening, Verve turned to Procore.

The Solution

Through its platform solution, Procore gave Verve a single source of truth that was accessible anytime and anywhere. This helped support their rapid growth despite an expanding workload.

As John Juanillo, Document Controller for Projects at Verve adds, it also helped their team’s confidence: “Our second line of managers feel truly empowered whether going offsite to meet clients or when pitching to prospects.”

In the wake of COP26 and the sustainability-focussed Expo 2020, Verve also needed to ensure sustainability was at the forefront of their operations. Fortunately, this was another area Procore could help support, with its ability to house all documentation online – a considerable sustainability win for a company like Verve.

The Results

“With real-time access to plan changes, associated notes, and project status updates, regardless of where we all are, we remain tethered to every conversation.”

John Juanillo

Document Controller for Projects

The Story

Only founded in 2017, Verve has enjoyed a period of astronomical growth. Company turnover has gone up by 252% since January 2021 and the team has grown to 56 members of staff. The average project value has skyrocketed from 600k AED to 1.85m AED.

Recent projects include office space for MAMO Pay, Sitecore and Redington.

The ability to stand out is key to Verve.The commitment to client relations goes above and beyond what exists elsewhere in the market. Verve continually looks to deliver the best possible outcome for the customer. This goes hand in hand with quick turnaround, in terms of both design and execution.

The question for Verve though was how do you deliver such a boutique service at scale, having just grown 252% over the last year? For them, the answer lay in their competitive differentiator: technology.

Designer editing a blueprint on Procore on a tablet

Fluent in Tech

A huge part of how Verve has been so successful is through tech. It has given them the edge over their competitors, as they are able to move at speed, meet ambitious fit-out deadlines and go above and beyond in delivering excellent customer experience.

Azeem Mirza, Managing Director at Verve says how “technology has always been deemed a necessity for us. It brings different people from different backgrounds together into one collaborative space. Speed is critical for Verve, so the time saving potential of technology is crucial.”

Whilst platform technology for construction is not as much of a leap forward for Verve as it may be for other companies, they still needed a technology solution that was easy to use and could easily integrate with their existing set-up.

According to Deepak, “Procore has fit seamlessly into our day-to-day. We’re a team used to bringing iPads to meetings and registering client feedback in real-time. So we’re well-positioned to make the most of Procore’s platform technology and take advantage of everything it offers. Now we have one place for all our projects; one that offers visibility and fosters communication.”

It means that however extensive the client feedback or team input, it is visible for all to see and helps the team keep moving at speed with little room for self-doubt. The introduction of Procore means the Verve team is able to keep their focus on what matters most: optimising their customer experience.

It’s not just Verve’s customer-facing solutions that Procore supports either. Passionate about sustainability, Verve can use Procore to support their goal of going 100% paperless.

Parthasarathy Sridhar, Director of Projects at Verve says, “Everything is handled in Procore. This not only ensures team members are always working from the right set of drawings, allowing for a smaller margin of error or rework. But crucially, it means we have omitted the need for paper copies – a turning point for us and our sustainability mission.”

Another added benefit of how Verve uses Procore is employee empowerment. Verve’s managers are able to travel to meet clients or pitch onsite to prospects without feeling disconnected from the company. Instead they feel confident through Procore’s ability to connect teams across locations. This reduces the risk of miscommunication and subsequent frustration, with greater visibility afforded to the senior team and communication more aligned.

This is something John Juanillo sees as invaluable: “With real-time access to plan changes, associated notes, and project status updates, regardless of where we all are, we remain tethered to every conversation. This means micromanagement has become a thing of the past as no one finds themselves in the dark or needing to ask questions about a project’s health. It’s all there to see at the click of a button.”

three designers giving a second look to the blueprints

A Big Part of the Future

Verve is all about speedy delivery and excellent customer relationships and Procore has helped them to achieve and maintain both. Whilst Procore’s ease-of-use can make it a good fit for everyone, for a company such as Verve; one fluent in the collaborative power of technology and construction, it can help keep them at their very best.

After such a massive year for the company, bigger and better things are on the horizon and Procore will help Verve reach these heights. Deadlines are especially important in the fit-out sector, and with Procore helping Verve save huge amounts of time through more streamlined processes and reducing defects, they are well-positioned to keep moving at pace and at scale.

Such success might have made Verve complacent, but their proactive culture means they are focussed on going ever-upwards. A sentiment felt widely in the Middle East with the region on the cusp of a hugely transformative era that includes the KSA’s 2030 Vision and the UAE’s 2040 Urban Master Plan.

Procore is an integral part of this culture. The power of the Procore platform will help bolster Verve’s quality of output and cement their customer-leading reputation.

Now Verve can rest assured that whatever growth the next 12 months, or even 12 years, brings, Procore can help keep them productive, agile and true to their core values.

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