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Procore for Architects and Engineers

Keep projects flowing smoothly.

Use a PM platform as detailed as you.

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Keep drawings organized.

Easily upload, organize, and update drawings within the platform. Procore automatically splits drawing sets and organizes drawings using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

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Keep drawings organized.

Maintain design integrity.

Protect your best work by using a PM platform that makes sure your drawings are central to the project and every stakeholder is updated on changes or revisions in real time.

Maintain all historical records and design details in Procore. Track approvals, changes, comments, and emails using date and time stamps.

Maintain design integrity.

Speed up build times.

Collaborate, manage, and share information in Procore so it is instantly accessible to the office and field. Streamline the flow of approvals, reducing downtime as construction teams work to develop your vision.

Speed up build times.

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