Give your teams the tools to manage change from the site to facilitate faster approvals, accurate communication and eliminate the need to proceed at risk.

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Empower teams to manage change as it occurs on the worksite.

Procore's Variation tool streamlines and improves critical steps in the otherwise manual change management process so no potential cost impact slips through the cracks. See how easy this tool makes it to facilitate faster approvals, streamline communication and eliminate the need to proceed at risk—without paper and time-consuming trips from the worksite to the back office.

  • Capture and track potential changes from any mobile device
  • Execute and manage all variations from a single location
  • Give office teams real-time visibility into changes as they occur
  • Make accurate, data-driven decisions with real-time financial data
  • Sync all pending and approved changes automatically with the Procore Budget tool to get a real-time picture in project performance

“The variation process in Procore is simple—we have all variations in one place. It’s a pretty nice luxury to have.”

Neil Lovelace

KBD Group