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Makati Development Corporation Enriches Biz Intel with Procore


Time reduction

vs target for supply transactions



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Since Procore implementation

The Challenge

Over decades of operation, the construction teams at MDC relied on a manual system for drawings, project reports and communication. With hundreds of projects underway at any one time, this meant managing a vast number of paper-based plans and drawings while constantly tracking version control and project updates.

MDC digitized a portion of its construction management network for scheduling and workflows. However, they needed a construction-focused, cloud-based platform that would support mobile app requirements and third-party software integration and would have a strong innovation roadmap.

The Solution

MDC screened market offerings and selected Procore for Project Management, Quality & Safety, Project Financials, and Correspondence Management tool.

"MDC is more efficient in data gathering and decision making with Procore," said Marty Martin, Head of Operations Digital Transformation at MDC. "We can complete our projects faster and maintain our quality benchmarks."

“Procore was the ideal construction platform for MDC, both from a technical and financial standpoint. We needed a user interface that would suit our 8,000-strong team, plus it would have an open approach to connectivity with an array of solutions to support crucial business decisions and quality builds.”

Marty Martin

Head of Operations Digital Transformation
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Higher use leads to higher performance

MDC kicked off a three-year digital transformation program in 2017. With the introduction of Procore in 2019, they realised there were benefits that a single, streamlined specialist platform could deliver. Procore proved to be their most popular implementation—experiencing the highest utilisation and acceptance rate for any digital toolsets for its 3,000 internal and 5,000 external users.

"Procore is really flexible and adapts to our requirements well. The Correspondence Management tool is a great example of this. It’s where we lodge our project learnings and best practices for completed projects. It helps us produce reports on these initiatives," Marty commented.

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Harnessing data silos

Before switching to Procore, MDC had previously operated with a manual paper-based system, where Excel spreadsheets, drawings and documentation would be regularly updated and printed for each stakeholder. Project teams had difficulties with version control and tracking edits on drawings, and documentation was regularly getting lost.

According to Marty, it was challenging to understand the status of approvals for documentation.

"We initially implemented Procore to assist with a single project. The moment we realised it could harness data from across the company, we knew we had the enterprise-wide construction management platform we were looking for. After that, it quickly rolled out across hundreds of our projects," he said.

MDC introduced Procore Project Management one function area at a time, starting with quality, then safety, then technical services, BIM and operations.

Creating a Unique Digital Selling Point

Incorporating additional construction software capability is designed to support MDC’s role as the largest construction firm in the Philippines. "We have hundreds of projects underway at any one time and being able to record and analyse the data digitally differentiates us against construction companies still relying on paper," Marty said.

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Innovation roadmap inspires confidence

Procore’s innovation roadmap and sharing it with the MDC team is seen as a game-changing move. "Staying up-to-date with the new developments, especially what is presented at Groundbreak, has also kept us ahead of the pack when it comes to construction management capabilities. The support Procore provides is exceptional—from the chat functionality to tutorials, our team appreciates it all," he concluded.

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