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Case Study

Aligned Meets Hyperscale Build Demand Using Procore

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The Challenge

The data center construction vertical is defined by aggressive speed-to-market and a related aversion to risk. With rapid, accurate delivery top of mind, Aligned sought to further streamline its build efficiency across multiple GCs and the entire data center portfolio.

The Solution

Aligned specifies the GC’s use of Procore in the build’s RFP. Stipulating Procore requires no direct Procore purchase by Aligned, yet provides them cross-portfolio standardization and a predictable, transparent project ecosystem from build to build.

The Results

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Aligned ensures quality, consistency and unprecedented speed-to-market across all of its data center expansion and construction projects.

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Aligned ensures quality, consistency and unprecedented speed-to-market across all of its data center expansion and construction projects.

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Aligned ensures quality, consistency and unprecedented speed-to-market across all of its data center expansion and construction projects.

When it comes to building data centers, I don’t know how we would achieve speed-to-market without Procore.

headshot of andrew schaap

Andrew Schaap


Stacked trades. Complex Subsystems. Quick Turnaround. No Pressure.

Aligned builds data centers—those cubist warehouses that enable the storage and retrieval of all the digitized data the world cranks out 24/7. While a typical data center may look like any other corporate building from the outside, these are complicated construction projects.

"People tend to think of a data center as a concrete box containing an electrical and a mechanical system," says Andrew Schaap, Aligned’s CEO. "In fact, a data center is very system- intensive." Because data flow is a ceaselessly produced commodity, data center construction has to be fast. And flawless. Andrew elaborates. "At the speed that we build and the amount of different trades working simultaneously in the same space at the same time, coordinating and moving very quickly—we wouldn’t be able to build at this speed without a platform like Procore."

Interior building with servers expertly organized

Dear GC—Please Use Procore

Aligned has made the decision to specify Procore as the construction management system of record for each GC who wins a data center project. "The value and efficiencies provided by Procore prompted us to mandate that our general contractors use it," Andrew explains. "Procore is truly helping us stay ahead and meet the requirements of our customers. Mandating Procore allows us to provide world-class adaptive infrastructure at scale and unprecedented speed. It is a significant part of Aligned’s ability to execute in some amazingly short timelines when it comes to delivering capacity." Aligned believes in Procore enough to have purchased it themselves to manage their precon workflows and close-out documentation. "We can run our design and RFP process through Procore leveraging the platform’s pre-construction tools," Andrew says. "Though it’s a small portion of the overall project lifecycle, the distribution of documents—the RFIs and questions through the design process—helps eliminate any confusion, while further driving organization, standardization and structure."

Large interior of a data center

Procore is Preferred

The Procore Preferred program—by definition—means the project owner contractually stipulates the GC use Procore to manage the build. Why? "It was an easy business decision to make," Andrew emphasizes. "When it comes down to the ROI, there’s not much debate. Everybody already has what they need to use this effectively every day, so there’s very little investment and the value is exponential." To some GCs, Aligned’s mandates aren’t mandates at all. "Since overseeing Aligned’s expansion, I haven’t had to explain the product to general contractors— everybody is aware of it. We have better controls over the project and the construction with Procore. It allows us to deliver a really good product and be sure about it." Andrew thinks back a decade or so to the Age of Paper. "The productivity of a person who looks at a pile of paper on their desk, versus being able to strategically plan and coordinate data center campus builds, often ranging up to 180 MW or more, leveraging data insights and proven technology —there’s a sense of accomplishment. On the people side, they’re much happier when they’re using Procore. And there’s no question that it’s saving us money."

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