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Accounting Integrations

Access real-time job cost data from the field and maintain accounting’s control over the books.

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Freedom of choice. Integrate Procore with any accounting software.

Minimize manual data entry by integrating with any accounting system you trust.


The systems that you have in place play nice so you can access your data from one source of truth.

Real time

Make better-informed decisions with access to the most up-to-date project and cost data.


Have confidence that your data is free from errors by eliminating double entry and improving communication between your teams.

Procore Integrations

Make it easy to see where your business stands with connectors that are assured by Procore's world-class customer support.

Partner-built Integrations

Reduce manual data entry with connectors that are built and supported by our partners and backed by our commitment to an Open API.

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Do we have to manually import data?

No, data syncs automatically with the push of a button from Procore to your accounting system and vice versa.

Does accounting control the data?

Yes, you can designate approvers from your Accounting Department and only they can push data into accounting.

Who controls when data gets synced?

You do! Schedule syncing or perform a sync at anytime to get the most current data instantly.

"The Procore integration has saved the McPherson team at least $75,000—3/4 of a Project Managers Salary—in the first year."

Darren Younker
McPherson Contractors