Case Study

No forced change, they adapted to the way we work.

The Challenge

Both at the office and in the field, Vicano regularly encountered difficulties with managing, saving, and organizing all of their important documentation. Vicano needed to put in place a system that would maintain consistency and function as an organizational hub for employees.

The Solution

Since the Canadian firm has leveraged Procore, employees now have immediate access to all company documentation including photos, submittals, RFIs, and punch items—all in one place. To top that, format consistency is maintained company-wide through Procore's powerful cloud-based platform.

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Organization and Consistency

Before Vicano discovered Procore, they had no unified system of organization. While every project manager or project coordinator initially intended to follow identical Microsoft, Excel, or Office templates, they would eventually veer off and end up developing their own customized forms, making it incredibly difficult to merge data and maintain consistent processes across projects.

Aside from difficulty maintaining document consistency, employees also encountered problems saving, updating, and managing shared documents. If a project manager with a unique method for managing file changes was out of the office, others could not continue working on the project.

Procore eliminated Vicano's organizational challenges by functioning as a unified repository for all company documents. "That's one thing we really like about Procore; we know we can go into any Procore project and find everything we need," says Marc Vicano, one of Vicano's lead project managers.

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Choosing Procore Over the Competition

Marc Vicano, Lead Project Manager, investigated several software options before ultimately choosing Procore. "I was looking at project management software since 2008. Everything that I had found just didn't click with us. A lot of those software platforms make you change how you operate your day-to-day business. They speak a different language and want you to do things differently than what you are used to."

The deciding factor that made Marc choose Procore over the competition was its flexibility and easy to use interface. Once Vicano's employees were introduced to Procore, it was quickly and seamlessly integrated into their daily workflow. "That was the big selling feature for sure. Procore didn't force us to change. Procore adapted to the way we worked.

"The implementation of Procore has been terrific because of the ease of use," Marc explained. "I tell my team, 'If you can use Facebook and you understand a little bit about construction, there's no reason why you can't learn Procore in a matter of days'. It's that simple. It's just clicking buttons and following instructions. That's how easy it really is."

Since adopting Procore, Vicano has worked with Procore's Customer Service team to implement subsequent configurations. "The customer service interaction has been great," Marc says. "When we generate a purchase order to another vendor and we spit out the PDF to send them, it looks just like the Microsoft Word template that we generated before." Procore's support team ensures that the entire suite works efficiently to meet Vicano's needs. "That was a big selling feature—we wanted the ability to have things done our way and also change as we changed. That was a big thing."

Saving Time by Simplifying Tasks

Marc claims that the time saved by using Procore has resulted in a complete return on their investment. "If we didn't have Procore, we wouldn't be able to handle the many projects we have in our pipeline. Procore removes the tedious time wasters like filling out reports and spreadsheets, giving us time to do other things, like going after more work." Marc remains optimistic about the advantages of increased organization as a direct result of adopting Procore. "We actually responded to an RFP earlier this year with a sales pitch leveraging Procore. Part of what they were asking was what technology we were going to use to help deliver their project and showcased the power of Procore. Procore was what won them over. I can't imagine what we would have said if we didn't have Procore."

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