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Case Study

Consolidating systems onto one platform.

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The Challenge

Urban One used multiple point solutions to fill in the gaps left by its project management solution. However, lack of mobile functionality and siloed data made collaboration difficult. What’s more, the tool to record daily logs was time-consuming and not user-friendly.

The Solution

Procore consolidated all project data into one centralized platform. Not only was it intuitive and easy to use, the platform also offered consistency and standardization that helped eliminate double entry for over 300 Procore users.

The big benefit of Procore is the reduction in the amount of time that the superintendent needs to be in the office to look up data, an RFI, or drawing. With Procore, you have the drawing, specs, RFIs, submittals, and site instructions right on the mobile device and accessible in the hole or in the building.

Daniel Kelly

IT Manager

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For many companies, keeping a finger on the pulse of employees’ responsiveness to technology often means being aware of how they are interacting with it. For others, it can be just as critical to be cognizant of how employees are not interacting with it. As Urban One Builders discovered, teams were reluctant to use its previous project management software because the tools were cumbersome and time-consuming. The leadership team decided that they needed a solution that was simple, intuitive, and consolidated all project information onto one user-friendly platform.

When Filling in the Gaps Just Won’t Cut It

Urban One, a general contractor with headquarters in Western Canada, had been using a project management solution for years, but it only met some of the company’s business needs. In order to fill in the gaps, its team turned to a handful of other applications: Box was used for document storage, BIM 360 for capturing big-picture design ideas, and manual spreadsheets for detailing the minutiae of day-to-day tasks.

Needless to say, keeping tracking of what information went where (much less which was the most up-to-date) was becoming increasingly complex. Each system created a separate data silo, making it difficult for teams to collaborate and refer back to one source of truth. What’s more, without mobile functionality, daily logs had become a time-intensive process—often adding up to hours by the end of the week.

"Superintendents would either try to memorize what happened throughout the day, or they would write it in a notebook. Then at the end of the day, they would have to go back to their office, sit down at the computer, and type it out into a daily log," IT Manger Daniel Kelly recalls. "Because of the difficulty of using our old system, we couldn’t even get superintendents to do basic tasks like daily logs. It came down to the fact that the system didn’t make it easy for them."

Kelly also notes that their previous project management software primarily benefited the office team which made it difficult to get buy-in from the field. Kelly realized that they needed a system that was valuable for field and office teams alike.

Inside of a building's construction looking at the sea

Consolidating Systems onto One Platform

After extensive research, Urban One decided to onboard with Procore in early 2018 and implemented multiple products including Project Management and Quality & Safety. Kelly says that what initially stood out about Procore was that it provided a comprehensive toolset while also offering over 100 integrations on Procore’s AppMarketplace. One such third-party app was the integration by Ryvit connecting Procore and Viewpoint® Vista™ which helped Urban One’s team eliminate double entry. Other tools such as Procore Drawings allowed collaborators to easily update and access documents, ensuring all users had access to the most up-to-date documents.

"We have one project we’re working on that requires a lot of design—and a lot of revisions to drawings. Procore helps us easily keep track of everything and makes sure everybody’s on the same page. Everyone has a single source of truth and can collaborate," says Kelly.

Perhaps most importantly, however, Procore consolidated multiple point solutions onto one platform and offered a consistent interface that was intuitive and easy to use.

"Procore is simple, and it gives the guys the data they need right away. Unlike our old solution, the guys onsite can actually see that it makes their lives easier. They can see it’s easy, and it directly benefits them," says Kelly.

Active construction site

Saving Time and So Much More

With an easier interface, Urban One found that employee buy-in had increased, leading to more thorough and accurate information.

"We’re getting better information because guys record stuff as it happens. They’re not trying to remember it or write it down on a piece of paper, then go back to the office at the end of the day and write a daily log. Rather than spending an hour at the end of the day—and even then, not capturing everything—with Procore, they’re spending just a few minutes cleaning up their notes."

Procore’s automated features also helped significantly reduce administrative work, including daily log entries automatically populating and archiving the weather report from the jobsite. For Kelly, the amount of time saved can largely be attributed to having project information that is both easily accessible and available in real time.

"The big benefit of Procore is the reduction in the amount of time that the superintendent needs to be in the office to look up data, an RFI, or drawing. With Procore, you have the drawing, specs, RFIs, submittals, and site instructions right on the mobile device and accessible in the hole or in the building."

These benefits were practical, no doubt, but for some Urban One employees, the impact of having Procore was much more meaningful.

"One of our superintendents even said that now with Procore, he’s not spending an hour at the end of the day trying to write a daily log or fill in an RFI. The system’s easy enough for him where he can use it throughout the day and get his work done so now he can actually leave the job on time," says Kelly.

Along with streamlined processes, time saved, and more user-friendly tools, Urban One discovered that having a comprehensive project management solution is not only good for business, but employee wellness as well.

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