Case Study

Rescom Expands Geographically With Procore

Procore became the company’s first project management software.

The Challenge

Rescom, a growing Edmonton general contractor specialising in commercial and custom residential spaces, needed better communication between its finance team and project managers and a better way to manage documents. "It was really hard for us to put it all together," says Steve Laforge, Operations Manager, Rescom. As a trusted contractor, the company needed an innovative solution to streamline its operations and help provide a superior client experience.

The Solution

Procore, a cloud-based solution with unlimited users and tight integrations with other services, met all of Rescom’s requirements and more. It’s become the company’s first project management software.

The Results

Administrative time has been reduced so much that project managers can actually oversee more projects than before. Also, printing costs have been significantly reduced. 

"Our financial reporting used to take 90 days to consolidate. With Procore, we’re able to do it in 30 days," says Laforge. "That was a huge change for us."

“It starts in Procore, and it ends in Procore.”

Steve Laforge

Operations Manager
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The Best Tool Available

Founded in 1979, Rescom has cultivated deep relationships with business owners who also often desire custom-built homes. In this way, the company’s commercial and residential businesses complement each other.

"Because our clients want the best, high-end custom homes, we knew we wanted the best tool available," says Laforge.

At Rescom, Procore is used by everyone. The users range from project managers, project coordinators, site managers, site superintendents, foremen and labourers in the field, to the financial, estimating and leadership teams in the office. Thanks to the unlimited user model, outside partners like architects, consultants and engineers can also collaborate with Rescom on the platform.

"You can tell that whoever designed the Procore platform had construction in mind all along," says Laforge. "Everybody can work together on one platform."

With everyone updating project information from a mix of computers, hybrid devices, tablets and phones, Laforge has a transparent view into what’s happening on any particular job. "Instead of having to go around and ask questions all day, I can see what I’m looking for in Procore and ask more pointed questions, which saves everyone time."

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Training For Different Learning Styles

Training materials available in writing and video gave Laforge and the team many options for learning how to use Procore.

"The training package is helpful because it recognizes there are many platforms that people will learn best from, and Procore has integrated all of them into their training materials. It ensures multiple training styles are touched on."

More Value With App Integrations

Laforge says the Procore App Marketplace has been a bonus for the team. Rescom has been able to consolidate its documents digitally with the DocuSign and GoFormz integrations, as well as its accounting. Rescom’s accounting software provider, Jonas Construction Software, has partnered with Procore to integrate its solution with the platform. Information passes between them seamlessly, for instance, paid invoices can be pushed from Jonas to Procore to satisfy commitment requisitions.

"The time saved is really easy to see, and we’ve saved a lot on printing costs," says Laforge.

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More Competitive, With A Greater Reach

With Procore, Rescom is more competitive when bidding for projects because it needs to account for less overhead. The transparency and accountability of the platform have also allowed the company to extend its reach beyond its home province of Alberta. "I was able to take on a project in Kelowna, B.C., because of Procore," says Laforge.

The company’s field and office teams are able to collaborate more effectively than ever before. With documents handled in Procore thanks to partner integrations, Rescom has set its sights on expanding into new geographies as the company grows.

"We’ve realized that we can reach out a little further than we used to."

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