Case Study

rcs delivers complex projects across Atlantic Canada with Procore

Procore provides greater visibility across projects and jobsites

The Challenge

rcs construction was facing barriers with the tools they use to manage project information. 

Having information stored in different places was creating inefficiencies. “The biggest challenge, which showed us that we needed some kind of software, was the site logs. We were going to sites and finding people were using different binders,” says Andrew Doucet, Partner and Director of Construction. “Everything was a mixture of paper and files. You could see the efficiencies just weren’t there. We needed management tools. We had to close that gap.”

The Solution

The Procore construction management platform changed how rcs operated. The company started using the platform for scheduling, deficiencies lists and RFIs. The single platform made information that used to be kept in disparate spreadsheet documents easily accessible.

“It really just cascaded through the whole team and they could see the benefits in it,” Doucet says.

The Results

Procore has helped the rcs team gain unparalleled visibility into their jobsites. “Procore was a game changer,” says Doucet. “I can check the reports every Monday and see what is being put in, and what’s missing. We now have consistent daily reports 99% of the time for every single project.” 

The team noted new efficiencies in RFI management, scheduling and punch lists. 

“The software has allowed us to run the business more efficiently, and provide a better overall experience for our customers and our team.”

“When we need more project managers, being a leader in technology in Atlantic Canada will be a benefit.”

Andrew Doucet

Partner and Director of Construction
RCS Construction's workers smiling to the camera

With Growth Comes More Data

rcs got its start renovating grocery stores 25 years ago and has since expanded to building everything from multi-storey apartment complexes to industrial buildings. The company spans Atlantic Canada, with offices in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick, which also oversees projects in Prince Edward Island.

As it grew, the company found itself dealing with more information than ever. RFIs were sent by email and then tracked in a spreadsheet. “We used Excel spreadsheets for everything: an Excel spreadsheet for files, an Excel spreadsheet for change orders, an Excel spreadsheet for the distribution list, says Doucet.”

Working with general productivity software was adding steps, complexity and time. rcs knows construction; it needed software made for the industry that would give a clear view into project activity and make it easier to access the right information when needed.

Joyce Centre's lobby and waiting area

Project Information Easier To Find And Share With Clients

“There used to be many places to update information, a lot of paper and Excel files,” says Doucet. “It just wasn’t efficient or working for us. Now it’s all in one dashboard, and that’s where I find the most efficiencies. We’re able to focus on doing our best work without getting bogged down with administrative tasks.”

Moving to Procore’s single platform has made routine tasks easier in tangible ways.

“It’s great to be able to see change orders right in the drawings on an iPad. People can click on a drawing that corresponds to where they’re working, and say okay, that was ‘change directive nine,’ this wall’s actually going to go here now. Everything is right there.”

It’s also much easier to find and share project information. Drawings can be easily shared during weekly meetings to discuss specific rooms or areas.

rcs has seen significant improvements in its processes for scheduling, punch lists and filing and presenting RFIs.

Most of all, Doucet has been impressed by how much detail he can access and share with clients. “You can go into a project and filter by delay, whether it’s a weather delay, or trade delay, and you can see it all in seconds. So if a client’s wondering why a schedule got pushed, or you’re behind schedule, you can easily show some of the delays that happened along the way.”

Keeping a Pulse On All Project Variables

Construction is complex. Recent years have brought external challenges such as supply chain disruptions and material and labour shortages.

Procore has helped the company stay on top of these rapidly changing circumstances. “Being able to see quick snapshots of 35 projects at a time during COVID without having to leave my office has been a huge benefit,” says Doucet.

Understanding all the variables affecting the business day-to-day enables rcs to plan effectively. The company stays nimble, informed and ready to act.

interior of a Volkswagen dealership

A Complex Project Needs The Right Tools

The company has brought its Procore-powered efficiency and transparency to The Joyce Centre, a 37,000-square-foot banquet and convention centre that will sit beside the ninth green of the Fox Harb’r golf course in Wallace, Nova Scotia. The project features a unique asymmetrical roof design, and the exterior will be clad in maritime-made Brunswick Limestone. Because of the building’s proximity to the ocean, the design mitigates the effects of salt water spray and exposure to high winds.

It’s a high-profile, complex project that has required rcs to evaluate and price multiple material options as it determines what can be sourced within the required timelines.

“With a project of this size, we need to know exactly what’s going on at all times. Procore lets us plan with project stakeholders proactively,” says Doucet. It really elevates our scenario and design planning. Our process is able to be more sophisticated, more transparent and more inclusive. We’re really able to deliver for our customers, which is what it’s all about.

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